Fear of putting weight on…

Scared of putting on weight? That moment when you step onto the scales for the first time in a while and you see the weight go up. Panic floods your body. Negative comments enter your… View Post

Goals for 2017…bring it on!

So i was at home the other day watching my favourite you tubers talking about setting goals. It got me thinking. I haven’t set any goals for the new year! Usually my thoughts would be… View Post

Un-motivated to Beast Mode!

I woke up this morning feeling a little de-motivated and i’ll be honest, anxious. There’s not always something that triggers it but it happens at random times and in random places. But i didn’t want… View Post

The power of music

So it wasn’t until recently that i realised how important music is. Not just in everyday life, but it effects your emotions in all different ways. I was just in my kitchen the other day… View Post