Are Carbs the enemy??

Alrighty gang let’s talk about Carbohydrates aka. Carbs. They are probably the one type of food group that everyone will try to cut down on at some point in their life, and, even i’ve done… View Post

Is lack of sleep effecting your gains…?

Eating well? Training hard? Not making the gains you want? Have you ever thought that maybe sleep could be the answer? It might sound simple. Too simple that you wouldn’t even think about it. But… View Post

What ‘diet’ should you do…?

Atkins, Herbalife, The Cambridge diet, 5:1. There are SO many different ‘diets’ you could try. But my opinion. My honest opinion…don’t try any of them. There is no diet which suits everyone. We are all… View Post

Eating Abroad…

Being in an all inclusive hotel can be hard. I’ve found this out the last few weeks. Being surrounded by such a variety of different foods, it can be difficult to resist the deliciousness of… View Post

Do you struggle to get protein into your diet?

It’s recently become quite apparent to me, that for a lot of people, they struggle to get the recommended about of protein into their daily intake. I have done a previous blog post of whether… View Post