Goals for 2017…bring it on!

So i was at home the other day watching my favourite you tubers talking about setting goals. It got me thinking. I haven’t set any goals for the new year! Usually my thoughts would be… View Post

Is Protein Powder worth it…?

Something that i see a lot of people confused about is protein powders. There are so many different types of powders, prices and brands which can be a little overwhelming to say the least! It’s… View Post

Should i weigh myself everyday…?

There are pros and cons. Yes, you should be aware of how much you weigh. Yes, if you are prepping for a competition you should weigh yourself daily. If you the average person who just… View Post

For those that run…and keep running!

Back in 2013 i was getting ready to run the London Marathon in 2014. I was a newbie to running but enjoyed it as i found it therapeutic and i like to challenge myself which… View Post

Pre workout & Upper body workout

Who doesn’t like an empty gym!? You can take your time, train how you like and i just feel so much more chilled! Today i was feeling ready for a workout before i’d even taken… View Post