Why did i do burpees around London?

So if you read one of my previous blog posts on challenging ourselves, you will know exactly why i did burpees. But if not don’t worry, i got you covered! Sunday 2nd April. A sunny… View Post

Lets challenge ourselves together…

Life is a precious thing. I don’t mean to be that cringe blogger but you really only do live once. It’s a saying that has grown a meaning to me over the last year. You… View Post

My Top 5 Fitness Apps

Health and Fitness apps are becoming more and more popular everyday. They are easy to use, convenient and saves carrying around books etc. So, i’ll go straight into it…I hope you are as excited as… View Post

Overtraining and weight gain…How to make sure you stay on target!

So, your new years resolution is to loose weight right? How’s it going? What’s your plan? For many people, in fact over 30% of brits, new years resolution is to lose a few pounds. Which… View Post

Pre workout & Upper body workout

Who doesn’t like an empty gym!? You can take your time, train how you like and i just feel so much more chilled! Today i was feeling ready for a workout before i’d even taken… View Post