Kettlebells…the benefits!

I was thinking the other day that i wanted to do a blog post about Kettlebells, but then i thought, i’m sure i’ve already done that!! However, i haven’t! So, funnily enough, here it is.… View Post

How to stay motivated…

It’s a question that has come up recently, how do i stay motivated to go to the gym? Well, keeping motivated isn’t something that comes easy for a lot of people. Everyone, including me, has… View Post

Why did i do burpees around London?

So if you read one of my previous blog posts on challenging ourselves, you will know exactly why i did burpees. But if not don’t worry, i got you covered! Sunday 2nd April. A sunny… View Post

My Spring time activewear favourites

Spring is my favourite season of the year. I love that it’s turning warmer, the flowers are coming out, pretty colours are everywhere and we have more time in the day where the sun is… View Post

Fabletics Review…yay or nay?

I think this is one of the most important posts i’ve done in a while. The blog that will all change your lives. The blog that will have the most impact…my Fabletics review. Okay, maybe… View Post