What ‘diet’ should you do…?

Atkins, Herbalife, The Cambridge diet, 5:1. There are SO many different ‘diets’ you could try. But my opinion. My honest opinion…don’t try any of them. There is no diet which suits everyone. We are all… View Post

Eating Abroad…

Being in an all inclusive hotel can be hard. I’ve found this out the last few weeks. Being surrounded by such a variety of different foods, it can be difficult to resist the deliciousness of… View Post

You know you love them…press ups!

Press ups. A basic bodyweight movement. Now i will admit that before i was a personal trainer i avoided press ups because i knew i couldn’t do them, and didn’t want to be seen trying… View Post

I joined a gym…my leg workout!

Okay, so i know I’m the sports and fitness host whilst i am away, which means i will be doing a lot of exercise, but i really wanted to join a gym whilst i was… View Post

Fitness tips for beginners…

Getting started with your fitness journey can be tough. You continually make the same excuse of you’ll start tomorrow or on monday but the day never comes around. I’ve been there. We have all been… View Post