BCAAS, what are they? Why i use them

BCAA’s are Branched Chain Amino Acids. Now i won’t get too technical as i want people to understand it as much as possible and to be honest the simpler the better in my eyes! Okay,… View Post

How to stay motivated in February…

With January over it’s now February, for some it may have dragged but for me it feels like January flew by!! So, how are you sticking with your health and fitness goals? Losing the motivation?… View Post

Overtraining and weight gain…How to make sure you stay on target!

So, your new years resolution is to loose weight right? How’s it going? What’s your plan? For many people, in fact over 30% of brits, new years resolution is to lose a few pounds. Which… View Post

What is B12 deficiency…?

It might sound like a pretty stupid question, i bet you read it and went ‘well it’s a deficiency in vitamin B12…duh’, and yes you’re right but what are the in’s and out’s of this… View Post

My Top 5 Tips for getting back on track after Christmas!

First things first i hope you all had a lovely Christmas, had lots of yummy food and got to spend time wth your loved ones! If you follow me on instagram, @axell_pt, you will see… View Post