Feeling contradictive and hypocritical in the fitness industry.

For a while now, the last few years to be exact, I’ve been uncertain of where I fit in the fitness industry. What message I want to get out there. I’ve felt for some time… View Post

What does having an Online Coach mean?

Maybe you’ve heard about online coaching in the past but never really understood what the point was, or couldn’t see the benefits of having an online coach…well let me tell you! Being an online coach… View Post

#techniquetalk on Squats

Squats, are one of the most fundamental and used movements we do on a daily basis, yet still it’s a hard one to perfect. I wanted to start this mini series of #techniquetalk to help… View Post

My Top Tips for being confident in the Gym!

Okay, so recently it occurred to me whilst watching the programme ‘Big fat lies about diet and exercise’, that the gym can be a scary place. Whilst sat there on my sofa, my mum asked… View Post

Finding your feet again in January

I can’t quite believe that we are quickly approaching mid-January already! If you still feel like you’re not on the motivation bandwagon of January do not fear! For many people, January is a time for… View Post