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I’ll admit, that getting all necessary vitamins and nutrients into my diet everyday is a struggle. I know some people will immediately think ‘why would I take vitamins when I can get it all from food?’, but this can be hard to do every single day! What with working shifts hours to help members of the public, I need to ensure that I am as healthy as possible to be able to do the best job I can, so hear me out…

Vive Wellness makes this SUPER easy and simple for those of us who are on the go pretty much all the time! VIVE get to know you and your lifestyle before recommending which vitamins are suited to your individual needs. Each month you get your supply delivered straight to your door all in mini sachets so you can take them everywhere with you without having them rattling around in your bag!

Made just for you!

Let me explain a little further about these amazing little sachets. To start, all you have to do is complete the online consultation which asks you about your general lifestyle, what you struggle with and what you would like from vitamins. For me, personally, I know that stress is a big factor in my life even though I’m very good at ignoring it, my body definitely takes a hit sometimes without me realising. As you know, I’m a shift worker and I work nights quite often and find it hard to sleep during the day and just in general! Furthermore, lack of sleep means lack of energy, so that was on my list of needs too. Limit stress, aid sleep and boost energy.

Super handy for everyday!

Once you have completed your consultation and answered everything as specific and honest as you can you will be advised as to what vitamins would work best for you and your needs. You’ll also be given a complete breakdown and report of nutritional advice about your recommended vitamins. I was advised ‘The energy powerpack’, ‘Omega 3 + D3’ and ‘The Chill Pill’ to suits my individual needs. That’s what I really loved about this product and this brand! It’s very rare you find a product and service really personalised to you as a person.

Personalised and individual to you and your lifestyle

Then all you need to do is order and wait for the best delivery of the week to arrive! The vitamins come in daily sachets which are so handy. It means I can take a sachet to work with me to have with my breakfast and not have to worry about taking a whole pot, which would just make me sound like a marching band coming down the street! They are ideal if you travel a lot as you can just take the number of days that you need, rather then filling up space in your suitcase.

I can honestly say that my sleep has improved massively. I don’t wake up as much during the night and feel so much more refreshed during the day. I wake up feeling energetic and ready for the day ahead. So, my energy levels have increased and my sleep has improved…what more could you want! It’s crazy to think that just by taking a few vitamins daily that they would have this much of a positive impact.

The quality of the vitamins was impressive I must say! It’s the little touches and thoughts that have gone into this product which made me like it so much. Every sachet has your name on it with an easy tear line. The tube itself is cardboard so easy to recycle or reuse when you’ve finished. Probably one of the most convenient product of vitamins I’ve come across and I would highly recommend Vive Wellness for sure! Your subscription is ongoing so you don’t need to re-order, they will just come to your door on a monthly basis with no hassle. What more could you want?!


V x

I teamed up with Vive wellness to give you this review, I hope you like it, let me know if you go ahead and make an order I’d love to know what vitamins you get sent! I am not getting paid for the review but I was lucky enough to be gifted a months worth to try!

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