Finding your feet again in January

I can’t quite believe that we are quickly approaching mid-January already! If you still feel like you’re not on the motivation bandwagon of January do not fear!

For many people, January is a time for fresh starts and a new routine, which is great, but it has to be enjoyable and achievable. For others, it’s a struggle getting back into any routine and feeling motivated, and that’s okay! I’ll be honest and say that personally, this month has been more of a struggle. My motivation to go to the gym has been very up and down. My workouts have been half-hearted and I’ve struggled with strength and fitness. But again, that is completely normal this time of year!

After stocking up on mince pies, leftover turkey and alcohol for the last 2 weeks of December (if not more), of course, your body is going to feel it a little, but it’s not the end of the world. Just try and follow these simple steps to give yourself a little push and hopefully you will still be exercising in March, unlike a huge majority of people who stop their gym memberships at the end of February!

Number 1.

Find a routine that fits into your average daily lifestyle. If you hate getting up early in the dark cold mornings then have a look at lunchtime/evening classes. Maybe it’s just going for a walk at lunch to get some fresh air and clear your head from work for 20 minutes or so. If you enjoy that morning buzz of the gym then you get your bum out of bed and get there! I know it’s easier said than done, but if you say to yourself, on 2 days this week you are going to the gym early, it’s more likely to happen, rather than telling yourself it’s going to happen every day, which is just unrealistic. Because, let’s face it, getting to the gym every day at 6 am isn’t going to be the easiest thing in the world, especially if you are a newbie. Finding a workout schedule which fits into your daily life is going to be much more achievable for the long term too!

Number 2.

If you are anything like me and tend to want to eat things just because they are there, especially if they are biscuits (my ultimate weakness), then donate leftovers to a food bank or local shelter. I’m all for everything in moderation, but, if you know, in yourself, that just isn’t going to happen with certain things, then just get rid!

Number 3.

Try and plan your week out. Plan your workouts or what classes you are going to attend. Set out exactly what exercises you are going to do so you don’t have to think of it when you get there and just mess about with a few machines. If you know you have a super busy day and won’t be finishing until late, you know that day you won’t be going to the gym/class/run, try and get that lunchtime walk in. 10 minutes outside during a hectic day can do the world of good for the body and mind. If you can, plan out your meals. What you are going to eat/cook and when. Once you’ve done this for a week or so you can just re-use it over and over. I love using my diary to schedule in the smallest and biggest events of the week, when I write things down I’m more likely to do them!

Number 4.

Have some time to yourself. Some alone time. Where you can reflect on your day and just relax. Run yourself a nice bath, light some candles and grab yourself a book. Forget the hustle and bustle of the day and have some time for you to just take your mind away from the stress of January, it always seems to be the month of doom and gloom.

Number 5.

Remember why you started this journey and what you previously set out to achieve. Have you completed it? If not, then keep working at it. If you have, then set yourself new goals and challenges. Be proud of what you’ve achieved so far, small progress is still progress don’t forget. We all get wrapped up in putting ourselves down for not being exactly where we want to be and seem to forget the journey we are on to get there. Nothing is easy, if it was, everyone would be doing it!

These are just some small simple tips which will hopefully get you thinking of ways to get back on the routine of health and fitness, for both your mind and body. Be realistic, be smart and believe in yourself. Everyone starts somewhere.


V x

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