Bear Grips Hip Circle

Okay, so if you follow me on social media you’ll have seen a video post of me in the beautiful sunshine smashing a mini workout with a Bear Grip camo Hip band, I’m loving camo band at the moment by the way!

I’ve become to love working with a band the last few months or so after my injury. I got told that doing some activation exercises pre-workout, especially with my glutes, would help me…and you know what? It did! Not only can they be amazing for that pre-workout activation, they can be used as a full workout, or a burn out at the end of your session. You can stick with the same exercises and just rep it out to your heart’s content!

Use a band for a warm-up or burn-out!

When I received the Bear Grips hip circle band (I got large by the way!), I fell in love instantly. I mean, I love camo as it is but this cute grey camo effect was definitely making me want to use the band ASAP!

The quality of the band was great. I found the resistance worked well for me, I could feel it targetting the muscles just enough. It got my glutes real fired up for my workout. There are other sizes too, but I’m not exactly a small human being! It’s a thick stretchy material with the Bear Grip logo on. It’s got a high-end quality and just as good, if not better, as some more expensive hip circles I’ve bought in the past. It didn’t ride up or roll like some bands, it was secure and comfortable through ALL my exercises.

But was it up to scratch?!?

Let me tell you, for a product this great I was in SHOCK that it only cost £10.99!! Yep, you heard me right sister! Not that this product is just for girls, by all means, men you grab your band too! You will honestly feel the benefits and it’ll help to improve your technique in squats for sure. The band makes you force your knees outwards keeping the weight in your heels and the tension in those glutes. Strength and technique can both be improved too! By just using a simple band…what more could you want, and all for an amazing price!!

If you didn’t see my circuit on Instagram go check it out, but for those that want it now, I’ve put it below! Do each one for x15 reps and go for 3 rounds if you want to make it more of a little circuit. For me I stick with x10 reps focusing on activating those muscles, really getting that mind to muscle connection, I would do this twice through keeping it controlled.



-Side steps

-Glute bridge with adduction

-Kneeling kick back

-Pulse lunge

So let’s conclude! There is various band options available, black, purple, blue and black/red stripe, so grab whatever band takes your fancy! For more information on all products, you can buy them on Amazon! Go check out their Instagram account to scroll all their available products, keep up with regular offers/updates, there is bound to be something you want, if not everything!!

Any questions on the hip band, just let your girl know!

V x

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