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You may not know but I’ve recently started a new workout programme, as I found myself not being motivated and just doing random sessions in the gym. I like structure. Simple. I find that I work better when I have a workout plan in place and a goal in mind. At the moment, for me, my goal is to improve strength. I’d like to be able to hit 100kg on my squat and deadlift by the end of the year. Also be able to perform pull-ups unassisted. Fingers crossed for me guys! So, I thought why not give you a little rundown on how I get on with my first week on a new training plan! Hopefully, it will give you some ideas too!

What did I train this week…

Day 1 – Monday (HIIT)

Not my usual sort of session, but seeing as I trained Sunday and focused on all the things I really want to focus on improving, like pull-ups, handstands etc, my body kind of ached today. So, instead, I did a little bit of a HIIT workout to kick off the week! It was only for 30 minutes and I did:

200m Row

Kettlebell swings x 10

Kettlebell snatch x10

Walkouts x 5

I repeated this for 4 rounds and oh my was I a red sweaty mess afterwards! Literally, my face was a tomato. There’s no other way to explain the sheer redness of my face. Great workout so definitely give it a try if you are looking for something to get your heart rate up!

I love to feel strong at the end of a workout!

Day 2 – Tuesday (Strength)

I do love a good ol’strength workout I have to admit! Just makes me feel good! Each strength session consists of a pull, push, hinge and squat movement, so full body workout really! I enjoy making progress, especially in strength. I feel like you can really feel the difference after you have given your body time to make those improvements. This type of training I enjoy. In the past I used to stick with very specific splits and now I just don’t enjoy that style of training. If you do then that’s great, if not, find something you enjoy doing. Ended the session with a little bit of conditioning which consisted of farmer walks and planks…yep it was so much fun *sarcasm*, but I felt great after and weirdly did have fun much to my dismay.

Day 3 – Wednesday (Rest)

Seeing as I trained the last 3 days running and I felt mega tired, I made the decision that I would take Wednesday off and recover. Which I think was a good decision as I don’t feel like I would have had a good session anyway. Instead, I had a stretch, foam rolled and just worked, which includes lots of steps, so I was still pretty active!

I ended up looking like a tomato by the end! Just the norm!

Day 4 – Thursday (Strength and conditioning)

By the end of this session, I was a red sweaty mess. Seriously. I was wearing a red top and I my face must have blended in with it! Considering it’s been so hot this week too I was twice as sweaty not long into my workout. Starting with a front squat and sumo squats, making sure to activate my glutes in between sets. If you don’t know, I struggle to use my glutes and actually fire my hamstrings and back before my glutes, not ideal, so this is something I’m working on every session. Some upper body work then straight into conditioning. BRUTAL. Jump squats and burpees, need I say more?! That’s why I ended up looking like a very ripe tomato!

Day 5 – Friday (Fitness)

Having a good cardiovascular system is important to anyone’s health. Keeping your cardio interesting and mixing it up is going to make it a lot more fun, I don’t know many people who enjoy doing cardio but we shouldn’t avoid it. Throw in a circuit with exercises you don’t like, testing your body constantly. I say exercises you don’t like because they are the ones we need to improve on more. It won’t be too fun but keep it short and sweet and it’ll be over before you know it, and you’ll feel amazing afterwards! I love EMOM workouts (every minute on the minute). You perform a certain amount of reps of an exercise then depending on how fast you do it, determines how much rest you get. Hopefully, that makes sense! If not just comment below! So for example, x10 swings and x10 burpees every minute on the minute. Give it a go!

It’s all about balance right?!

Day 6 – Saturday (Rest)

Okay, I’ll admit, I went out on Friday night and I was super tired Saturday after an early few clients. I took Saturday as a rest day in the end as I knew if I did train, I would of had a rubbish workout! It’s all about balance though, isn’t it?!

Day 7 – Sunday (Weaknesses)

Sunday’s are my new favourite day to train! I can take my time and really focus on the movement. Sunday’s is more of a chilled workout vibe but I still push myself. I focus on the exercise I’m not good at/want to improve. Things like single leg squats, pull ups, tricep push ups and handstands! Fun things! Exercises I also avoid, because I know I’m not good at them! But practice makes them perfect right?? Make a list of those exercises you either don’t like or want to improve, dedicate one day to focus on those exercises and spend time enjoying them, as much as possible!

There is my week of workouts in a not so long post! Do you stick to a schedule or just go with the flow? If you need a training plan have a look at my blog post about a free program. For me, I find that by having a routine in place I am much more likely to stick with it, otherwise I just go through workouts which are kind of pointless and no progress is made. I will update you guys again in a few weeks to let you know how I am getting on and what progress has been made! Have a good week!


V x

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