Training with an injury, good or bad?

If you follow me on my other social media platforms you will know that I am currently suffering with an injury and undergoing some physio/rehab for my Hamstring. I basically pulled it back in November 2017 and haven’t let the scar tissue heal properly. Now, this has caused my hamstring to tighten, my piriformis to tighten and then I’ve also got some sciatica from it where everything in that area is just a bit tight and swollen. Not ideal when I was just feeling stronger and more confident with the big power lifts like snatches! But you can’t really plan when injuries happen.

Don’t suffer in silence!

I’m one of those people who would go as long as possible with the pain, then when it finally gets really bad like it is now, I go and see someone. I should have really seen someone earlier but I’m just a stubborn moo at times! The only reason I actually decided to go and see someone was because I was getting a dull ache at the very top of my hamstring and down my leg when I sat for a long period of time. Well, I say long period, but that could have been anything from 20 minutes to 2 hours if I’m driving. I can even feel it now and I’ve been sitting for maybe 15 minutes…

When I first went to see the Physio, I was a tad nervous. Mainly as I didn’t want him to say I couldn’t train at all and I just had to rest. I know that for me personally, this would have made me anxious in general. But, thankfully, his advice was to carry on with my strength training, reduce the weight slightly and avoid any explosive movements. That meant, no kettlebell swings, no cleans, no snatches, no plyo movements. I can’t lie and say I wasn’t disappointed, after just getting confident with these moves, but I had to think on the positive side. I could still train but just a lighter intensity.

Recovery takes time, give yourself that time and have patience

3-4 weeks it would take to heal. That’s all I had in my mind. 3-4 weeks of slower more controlled movements then I’ll be back to normal. *fingers crossed* Of course, I listened to his advice, he’s a professional after all right! Now I’ll be completely honest because I always am with you guys, after enjoying my training and finally feeling like I was progressing, I was getting seriously frustrated during sessions. I was finding the movements harder. Even though they were a lighter weight. I don’t know if that’s just because in my head the injury was getting me down and I knew I had to hold back. It may have been because of all the social things I’ve been doing recently and eating out on consecutive evenings. Whatever it was, I could feel myself becoming very disheartened.

I hate injuries. I mean I guess everyone does. But I just don’t know what to do with myself. It hasn’t helped that recently I’ve been going through a lot of stress in my work/personal life, I’ve been finding it really hard to struggle with training and writing!! But I realised today that it has to stop. I’ve had a follow-up appointment with my physio and he’s now said it’s healing *YAY* and I can start to incorporate power moves. Light power moves like swings and cleans. But, none-the-less it’s still an improvement!! More than I was originally allowed to do! I need to focus on stretching and strengthening, but also glute activation, as my hamstrings seem to fire before anything else during compound lifts. So this means doing bridges in between sets to really get that focus on the glutes and not overload my hamstrings unnecessarily.

Small progress is still progress

If you are currently going through an injury, don’t lose hope. If you haven’t already, GO AND SEE A SPECIALIST! Honestly, it’s not worth waiting around for it to get ‘better’. It won’t. It’ll only get worse. Especially if you’re like me and carry on through the pain. That’s the biggest bit of advice I can give. Going to see a professional and listening to their advice is a million times better than googling your symptoms. I thought I had hamstring tendinitis from googling my symptoms. Thankfully, it wasn’t that extreme and it’s getting better through simple things like stretching and strengthing. However, sometimes it isn’t just that simple. That’s why it’s always best to go and get it checked, no matter how long you’ve had the injury for. You go and see a doctor when you are sick, so,  if you are injured, treat your body with the same respect.

I’ll update you on my journey through my injury. I’m hoping that in 3-4 weeks I’ll be jumping on plyo boxes and snatching again! But, I’ve got to try and stay positive throughout the recovery process, otherwise, I’ll just have my injury for even longer. That is NOT what I want at all!! Comment below any tips for staying motivated during an injury! If you are currently struggling with an injury yourself, let me know!


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