Quick and easy warm-up routine to start your workout!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a fan of having to warm-up! I find them tedious and just a tad boring! So, I’ve come up with a quick and easy circuit to start your workout off with a bang. Just 3 simple exercises which will get the heart rate up and the muscles ready for your session, including a mix of both mobility movements as well as compound movements (an exercise that uses many muscle groups).

Mobility and Compound movements!

Even though we all know to warm up, do we really know why? Well, it’s to make sure our muscles and joints are ready for exercise. If you walked into the gym and went straight into squatting your most recent PB you would most certainly fail. Why? Becuase your body isn’t ready for it! You can’t go from walking in the gym to a heavy lift your body isn’t prepped for. I always go through the movement first then slowly work up to the weight I want to achieve. These are called warm-up sets, they are SO important!!

Slowly raising your heart rate is better for your heart and body, rather than just going in all guns blazing. Warming up before a run is also oh so crucial!! Start with a walk, let your body adjust to the movements you are doing and start to pump more blood around the body, let your lungs get used to the air temperature and allow your mind to get mentally prepared! Mobility exercises for the hips and knees are also great for runners, so try and throw these in mid-walk! I also start every session with mobility work on my hips and shoulders as I find these are my tighter and weaker areas which certainly need to be ready for big lifts!

My go-to warm-up routine…

Right, so, my go-to warm up at the moment, which I will stick with for 4 weeks then change is:

  • Row 200m
  • 10 Kettlebell swings (medium weight)
  • 10 walkouts OR 10 kettlebell snatches

Repeat this 3-4 times!

The reason I have 2 options for the last exercise is dependant on what I will be doing in the main block of my workout. If there is more upper body work then I will do the snatches, if it is lower body work, then I’ll stick with walkouts! As I mentioned before I will always do the exercise body weight to start or just the barbell, then slowly increase the weight until I reach the weight I want my working sets to be. I do this with compound movements just as squats, deadlifts, push presses etc, but otherwise, I’ll try and increase the weight each working set too. Making sure you are properly warmed up is essential for your workout. If you don’t warm up properly you could cause yourself some serious injury guys!

If you don’t warm up you will cause yourself an injury!

I would always recommend rowing in your workout, whether that’s during the warm-up, the main block or cool down as it uses so many muscle groups. It’s not the easiest thing in the world. We are all used to walking so why would you want to walk on a treadmill for another 5 minutes?? Row for 5 minutes and I can promise you that it’ll give you a sweat and get your heart rate going that’s for sure! Not only does it use your arms, back and shoulders, you can really get your legs burning too! I always find my legs and bum are fired after my warm up!

What do you guys currently do at the moment for your warm up? Let me know your thoughts on my little circuit above and if you try it, comment below!


V x

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