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Want to help protect the planet whilst eating healthy foods at an affordable price? I know what you’re thinking, ‘It’s sounds too good to be true!’ But, I am telling the truth!! I recently came across a company called Food Circle Supermarket. If you haven’t heard of the company then you really need to check these guys out! Food Circle Supermarket is basically an online supermarket full of healthy foods, but, not just that, they are ALL at affordable prices! In fact, they have a HUGE discount on products compared to other stores! Not only that, they provide organic, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, low fat/sugar, high protein foods to suit you and your healthy lifestyle.

£1.2 billion worth of food is wasted each year in manufacturing!

You can see from the box of goodies above, which I kindly got sent, there is quite a range of products available, but this isn’t even the start of the number of products available! How the site works is based on food manufacturers throwing away products. These products aren’t out of date or faulty, it can come down to something so simple like the packaging being changed after thousands of products being made, these would all go to waste. £1.2 billion worth of food is wasted each year during the manufacturing stage. Which is CRAZY!! Not only do stores throw away a tonne of food if it’s not sold but these products haven’t even made it to the store yet! This is where Food Circle Supermarket comes in and saves the day…and the planet!

Food Circle Supermarket contact the manufacturers and then sell the products online at a discounted rate. You see the products I got, they have a total worth of £49.08, but if you were to buy these online at Food Circle Supermarket you would pay £27.99!!! Yes, you heard me right! A total saving of over £21, all delivered to your door, perfectly good products, all in date, suited to your every dietary need AND you are helping to save the environment by limiting food waste. What else could you want?!

Healthy affordable food!

When I received the products I honestly couldn’t believe that they would have just been thrown away! They all have perfectly long dates on them and no dodgy packaging! I can’t lie, I was super excited to try them all as some I’d never heard of before, and as you guys know, I’m a huge foodie! I was really intrigued by the crisps and chocolate products, probably because they’re things that the public consume a lot of, it’s great to have healthier alternatives available, for such great prices too! Everything that I received, and I mean everything, was delicious. Now I’m not just saying that because I’m writing a blog post on it, I’m only ever honest with you guys, I genuinely loved all the products. The chocolate was so amazing! I’ve never had this brand of chocolate before because it’s pretty expensive, retailing at £2.50 per bar, but online at Food Circle Supermarket it’s £3.38 for 2 bars, 2!! Some dark chocolates play havoc on my stomach as they are so rich and quite bitter, but these were in fact quite creamy! Also, I’d never heard of the brand Peakz, but oh my…they are immense!! The chocolate orange literally tastes like Terry’s chocolate orange pieces, they are just the right amount for an afternoon snack to cure that chocolate craving, every flavour I couldn’t fault, would 100% recommend!

Don’t you worry, I did check out all the ingredients of the products sent to me too! You know I love an all natural product!! I can happily say that these products aren’t too shabby at all! Of course, some have sugar in, but it’s sugar, not fake hidden modified sugars, which, I am okay with. The ingredients are pretty simple with nothing hidden in the small prints!

So my lovelies, if you struggle to get healthy food options at a reasonable price, look no further than Food Circle Supermarket! Honestly, they gave me great service and the food came so quickly! Everything was in good condition, tasted amazing and the expiry dates were a lot longer than expected!! It’s amazing that manufacturers would throw such good quality food away so easily over something so simple, but what Food Circle Supermarket are doing is awesome and it should be fully supported as much as possible. Help the environment, limit food waste and fuel your body with nutritious foods! Go check it out and let me know what you get, comment below! As always, any questions feel free to ask!


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