February Monthly Favourites!

February has come and gone so quickly!! So, I thought I’d share with you my favourite finds from the month. Let me know if you have got any of the below and what you think of them too!! Enjoy!

(If the link provided is an affiliate link, only one is, I have made a note by it.)

I started the month feeling very tight, sore and in serious need of a massage! I’d been saying for weeks on end that I needed one and I finally got round to getting one booked. I had a look online and on Instagram and came across Megs Mobile treatments. She worked in my local area and would come to my home which was ideal. I had an hours deep tissue massage and I can honestly say it felt amazing, don’t get me wrong it was PAINFUL but I felt sooo much better after! I knew I was tight but I didn’t realise I was as bad as I was!! Meg was lovely! Made me feel at ease and was very friendly. You could tell she knew what she was doing and was probably one of the best massages I’ve ever had! Will most definitely be getting one again very soon, I’m trying to make it a monthly thing to save my shoulders getting wrecked too much!

Have you noticed something change on my blog…? I bought my own theme!! I was umming and ahhing for weeks about which one I liked the most and in the end, went with Aruba from Pipdig.com. Having my own theme and self-hosting made me instantly take blogging more seriously and I mean, it looks so pretty now I love it so much! If you are thinking about self-hosting or getting your own theme, I would 1 million percent say to do it! It honestly changes the way you work as a blogger, and who doesn’t like a pretty site??

You have to invest in your blog to take it seriously!

Also, something that was actually totally FREE but has helped my blog a tonne, is an app called Grammarly! It’s basically like an autocorrect system which will highlight certain words or phrases which doesn’t work well with that sentence. It’s a pretty basic thing, but sometimes when I am typing fast and trying to get everything out of my brain down onto my laptop, I can miss out words, or spell something wrong it’s so easy to do. I use a MacBook, which doesn’t have anything like Microsoft which will bring up a spelling mistake or highlight where you need a comma, and by using this app has helped me massively, in just making sure I type properly too if I’m honest! But I know if I don’t, then I can rely on the app to give me a helping hand!

Back to more fitness items! I’ve wanted a new pair of trainers for a good few months now and I just hadn’t got round to getting any. Then the new Nike Metcon 4 came out…you know whats coming!! I couldn’t resist! I was going to get the Metcon 3 and try and save a little on the price but then they released a limited edition pair which are just more than perfect. Don’t get me wrong, I did hesitate about the price tag of £114.95 BUT, they are totally worth it. I don’t wear them out and about I only wear them in the gym which will hopefully keep them cleaner and in good condition but I have seen an improvement in my lifts already. They have a very flat bottom which I like, make you feel more steady and grounded during lifts. I used to take my shoes off but since doing Crossfit I try and keep trainers on, so these are perfect!

If you get new trainers, you have to get a new gym outfit right?!

Seeing as I got new trainers I had to get a new gym outfit right?? Everyone just seems to be releasing new products all at the same time!! I’d seen on the WearWolf Instagram they were releasing a new range called the sensation leggings. I’ve had their leggings in the past, I still have them, and they are super comfy, good quality, squat proof AND mega flattering! It was a no-brainer that I was going to purchase a pair. I went with the navy colour Sensation leggings and I got a matching crop too, which I have never had a co-ord gym set so I was super excited, to say the least! When I finally got my hands on this beautiful set I can honestly say I was a very happy gym bunny! I got a small in the leggings and a medium in the top (slightly bigger chest!), and the fit was perfect. The leggings come up to just the right point on my waist and the top comes down to just the right point so not too much is on show which I was thrilled with! Might even have to get myself the same set in a different colour, which one do you guys think I should get next, Khaki or bright pink? Comment below!!

Last of all something to help you get rid of those nasty aches and pains when you are at home/work! I suffer from foot pain, quite regularly since I started running in 2013. I was even meant to do the marathon in 2014 but had to pull out due to my feet issues. I have hypermobile joints which affect my ankles and other parts of my body. My arches drop and my ankles roll inwards when I run, I now have insoles in my running trainers which has helped a ridiculous amount! But, I’ll admit, I don’t wear my insoles enough anymore and now I suffer. However, I have found that by using a trigger point massage ball (this is an affiliate link) really helps relieve any of the tension I get on my feet. It’s myofascial release, which in simpler terms means the break down of knots in the body. You can use the ball literally anywhere you get pain. I’ve also used it on my high hamstring, which is next level pain, but if you stick with it it’ll help…I hope!! I would recommend a trigger ball to you guys but, I would also recommend you see a doctor or specialist about the pain before you try and treat it yourself, otherwise you could just make it worse.

That my lovelies are all my February Favourites! Hope you enjoyed finding out what I’ve loved this month, let me know if you have purchased any of the above and what your thoughts are! Any questions, comment below! Please let me know if you like posts like this too!!


V x


  1. Samantha
    March 2, 2018 / 6:10 pm

    I wish the mobile massages was available in my area! That sounds like heaven. I have a foam roller to help with my myofascial release and you are right, it works wonders.

    • Vikki
      March 2, 2018 / 6:19 pm

      Ah that is a Shame!! Foam rollers are pretty good tho too!

  2. sandihaustein
    March 2, 2018 / 6:59 pm

    I could really use one of those massage balls — my feet have really high arches. Thanks for the recommendation!

    • Vikki
      March 2, 2018 / 7:07 pm

      No problem! I’ve found they are painful but do really help!!

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