What to get your Mum for Mother’s day!

Mother’s day is fast approaching, it’s Sunday 11th March guys, and this year, instead of leaving everything to the last minute, let’s get you organised!! I’ve come up with my top gift ideas for any sort of mum, no matter what she likes, these presents will go down a storm…don’t quote me to that though!!

First things first, BUY A CARD!! I know how much a card means to me, I know not everyone is fussed by card but personally, a card means a lot. The thought that goes with buying a card for someone is mega, so start with something you can literally buy for 49p from card factory. It’s really not too much to ask!

Simple yet effective, flowers, you can’t really go wrong, can you! I understand not every mum likes flowers but you can get a plant pot or dried flowers which make the house smell amazing. Flowers are one of those things which are so easy to get your hands on and they don’t have to be expensive either. If you want to spend a bit more cash, or just have the convenience of getting them delivered, I’ve always used Interflora and they have never let me down. They have a HUGE variety of flowers for you to choose from depending on what sort of thing your mama likes! They also provide things like hampers which have chocolates and prosecco in too.

Which brings me to my next idea! Wine and chocolates never fail, do they?! I know that if I got my mum some flowers and a bottle of wine she would be more than happy, but you could always go the extra mile and get that fancy bottle of wine or some personalised chocolates. Again, this is something you can do online which is kept a secret until the day! Thorntons do a wide range of personalised chocolates in all sorts of variations depending on what you think your mum would like, after all, it is mothers day!!

Speaking of things personalised why not spend some time making a photo canvas or album? There are a crazy amount of online websites now which provide things like this at a good price. Yes, this particular thing does take a little more time and thought, but the outcome is so pretty and I can guarantee your mum would be very thankful. Vistaprint so print canvases but personally, I like the collage canvas prints so you can get a few different photos. The only thing I do want to mention is to make sure you have good quality photos as if the canvas is large the photo may come out blurry and that’s not pretty at all! Take the time and find some decent pictures which you know your mum would love. I’ve used PhotoBox in the past, they have so many different products for you to choose from and I would use them again in the future for sure!

Another gift that you know your mum will at least use is bathing products! What kind of girl doesn’t like getting this sort of thing as a present? Personally, I think that The Body Shop has lovely gifts which are great quality. You can get it all wrapped up already done for you so no hassle at all! If your mum isn’t into the bath vibe why not get her body lotions, just as a little something to go with those flowers and wine? The thing I love about The Body Shop is that all their products are cruelty-free which is just amazing! Or if you want to up the ante even more, why not grab some of your mums fave perfume to treat her! Around mother’s day shops always have some special deals on perfume so you might be lucky if you get in there quick!

Now, I hardly ever wear makeup, but, when I do, I enjoy it! Everyone has their own way of doing makeup and I’m that person that if someone is putting their makeup on whilst on the train I will literally just sit and stare. I’m not any beauty expert but I still have certain brands which I like to use, as does every girl I’m sure! There is always that one thing that girls get through the most, so why not stock up on your mums favourite brand of makeup, or, buy a fancy set of brushes, when I say fancy brushes I mean things like fan brushes and buffer brushes…that sort of thing! I didn’t realise the point in fancy brushes until I bought one and it completely changed the process of putting makeup on! I’m a changed woman now! So treat your mum to some ‘fancy’ makeup brushes it’ll be a game changer believe me.

If your mum is anything like me and loves a good bit of stationary, then I have come across this cute brand Got2Jot who have a HUGE range of products from notepads to purses. Printed in cool designs and motivational quotes, they are pretty cool and I can’t lie, but, I’ve already seen so many products I want from this site! I literally have a notepad for everything, and I mean everything! I can’t go into a stationery shop without at least buying a fancy pen or notebook, slight addiction going on there I think!! But I think this would be a nice little gift for your mum if she’s into that sort of thing!

You know those days where you just relax, get pampered, have your nails done and live in a dressing gown? Well, why not get a Spa day for you and your mum, at least you get to enjoy it too right?! It’s a win-win situation really! There hasn’t been a spa day that I haven’t enjoyed and there are so many out there with different deals. So, do your research if you want one in your local area. I’ve been to Champney’s a few times and it is stunning. The facilities, the staff, the treatments, just everything really was 5-star quality and if you are near a Champney’s then I would 100% recommend a little weekend treat for you and your mum! You get all your meals and you can even have afternoon tea which is one of my favourite things, mainly just because I love a good scone, but do you put your cream or jam on first??

Last, but by no means least, if you really want to spend some cash on your mum and go all out, get all the above and spend the evening watching a theatre show in the west end! You can actually buy vouchers online so you don’t even have to book a show or time just yet, all you need to do is buy the voucher then arrange a good time with you and your muma! Of course, I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I think this is a lovely present for anyone really! Spending the time with your mum is something I’m sure she would appreciate and something like a theatre night is pretty special, and again, you get to enjoy it too!

So, there you are, quite an extensive list of ideas, but, nonetheless, they are all pretty good ideas if I do say so myself!! If you got your mum any of the above I think she would be very happy! Let me know what you are thinking of getting your mum for mothers day, comment below whether it’s from my list or not I’d love to know!


V x

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