My first ever Reformer Pilates class!

It was a beautiful bright sunny day, a Monday, a fresh start to the week, for me it was my active recovery day and I was going to give Reformer Pilates a whirl!

I’d been wanting to try reformer pilates for a good while now but have just never got round to sorting out a class, and, I didn’t know of any places near to where I live. I came across Power Pilates UK on Instagram and to my great discovery, they were based at a studio in Beckenham, which is literally about a 15minutes drive for me from Greenwich, perfection!

‘Relaxing and tranquil vibes’

When I arrived at the centre, Breeze Yoga, it just had such a relaxing and tranquil vibe to the place it was stunning. It was filled with cute little gifts and a heavenly smell decorated with a modern chic theme. I mean, it was pretty cool and not what I was expecting! I was shown to the room where we were going to be doing the reformer pilates, which I was actually weirdly nervous for by the way as I had NO IDEA what to expect!

Emma, the instructor, showed us around the reformer and explained exactly how it worked, by springs, by the way, and she made sure that we were all happy to start. There was only three of us in the class, you could have a maximum of 6, but I liked the smaller group. Two of us had never been before and the other lady was a natural, you could tell she had been many times before! We started with some stretching using a resistance ring and Emma explained the breathing techniques to warm the body. Moving on to arm/back work, then legs, which was a killer by the way, we finished with core work and more stretching. Even though I didn’t¬†necessarily get the same effect as I do during a weights session, I could definitely feel my muscles being used and I did break a sweat too! It was more of a controlled squeeze of the muscles rather than pushing them to a limit.

Throughout the class, I was advised of different progressions of movements, my technique was corrected where needed and overall I felt comfortable and welcomed by Emma. She explained everything brilliantly and still pushed us in a different way to what I am used to! The class was sadly over so quickly!! Who knew 60 minutes would fly by within a flash!

‘I could still feel DOMS on Thursday!!’

I left the class feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready for the day (the class was at 11.30am). I woke up the next day with some inner thigh DOMS which was understandable after the adductor work we did, I could still feel it even on Thursday!! I would definitely do reformer pilates again in the future and if you live in the local area of Beckenham I would recommend the reformer pilates at Breeze Yoga. The staff were very friendly and the quality of teaching was impeccable.

There are a few different level of classes so it really is for any level! You can pick any class you like from the Power Pilates UK website at various times, you can also book quite a bit in advance which is always handy! They also offer a variety of pricing options to suit everyone. They have a 3 or 12-month membership, 1-month pass, private classes and package deals where you can just buy a certain amount of classes. They even have an offer on at the moment, 2 classes for £20 which I think is amazing and I may even purchase this myself!!

If you go to the class at Breeze Yoga in Beckenham comment below I’d love to know what you thought of it!! If you’ve never tried it before would you try it now? Just to clarify, all the opinions are my own, none of the links included is affiliated and in no way am I getting paid to write this, however, I did get a complimentary session to write this post which I am very appreciative of. Just like to say a HUGE thank you to Korin for arranging the class for me, it was great and I can’t wait to see you soon!


V x

All the photos have been taken from Korin’s Instagram which I would recommend you follow!!

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