Clean Lean Protein & The Good Green Stuff…My opinion on the NuZest products

Vegetarian, vegan and free from gluten, dairy, soy and lectins!

Heard of NuZest? No? Then you better keep reading!! Right gang, I got the NuZest Clean Lean Protein (CLP) sent to me as I was really intrigued to see what it was like, especially after tasting another all natural protein product. I got sent the vanilla and chocolate flavour protein along with The Good Green Stuff (GGS) and I was super excited to try them all out!! They do have 5 flavours in total but I just had these to try!

Just a little disclaimer, this post is 100% my honest opinion, I’m not getting any sort of payment from the brand and all the links are NOT affiliated.

So what exactly is CLP?

NuZest CLP is an all natural protein powder made from sustainably sourced European golden peas, sounds fancy right? None of the products contains any artificial colours, preservatives, sweeteners or fillers, which many other protein powders have in them, just have a little look of the ingredients on the back of your whey protein powders packaging, do you know what they all are? Or better yet, can you say them all?? The protein powders themselves contain little carbohydrate and fat which makes it great for mixing into smoothies or oats, just like I did! The type of pea product that is in CLP is called Pisane, which actually contains around 88-90% protein, compared to normal pea protein which would only contain 80-85%, it might not sound like a huge difference but it’s a difference of nearly 10%. CLP contains lots of essential amino acids which the body can’t produce, we need to find these amino acids from food sources to allow our muscles to properly recover, keep the body functioning and keeping our bodies healthy. The level of amino acids in CLP is a lot higher than some other vegetable proteins too! If you’ve got any questions on anything I just mentioned, drop a comment below and I can explain in simpler terms.

Natural ingredients, high in protein, less than 90 calories per serving and tastes like HOT CHOCOLATE!!

Now I’ve covered all the science-based stuff, let’s talk about whether it’s actually any good! I first tried the chocolate protein powder, because who doesn’t like chocolate?! I was very pleasantly surprised. The texture of the protein was just like every other whey protein powder I’ve ever had. It was smooth, no gritty bits, smelt like chocolate, looked like chocolate, tasted like HOT CHOCOLATE!! I decided to mix the powder into my overnight oats, 50g oats, 1 sachet of CLP protein and milk, topped with raspberries and almond butter, left in the fridge overnight and ready for my early morning! Honestly, it reminded me of hot chocolate, that’s the closest thing I could describe it against. It mixed amazingly, I didn’t have any lumps of powder and was just pretty darn good! Seriously impressed! A few other natural protein powders that I’ve tried have had chia seeds in or coconut and it’s just taken away from the flavour. But this CLP was exactly what it said on the packet, Rich Chocolate. Yum!


Feel good nutrition!

Simple smooth Vanilla. This time I wanted to make an actual protein shake and see how the powder got on with blending as a smoothie. I mixed the CLP Vanilla with banana, almond butter and milk, was pretty bog standard protein shake for me this was! Again, it didn’t disappoint! No protein lumps, smooth consistency, wasn’t an overpowering flavour, it added a subtle hint of vanilla which I like. I’ve found in the past that vanilla whey can sometimes taste quite processed and chemically, it’s safe to say that this did not at all! If you like to mix the powder into smoothies with other fruits and veg etc, I would definitely recommend the vanilla as it’s a subtle taste, but one you can tell it’s there if that makes any sense what so ever!


With at least 20g Protein per serving (2 scoops)

I loved the Nuzest CLP products! They were easy to mix, tasted great and one of the biggest benefits…they didn’t upset my stomach at all!! I’ve struggled with IBS a good few years now (I say few, it’s been about 5 years!) and in the past when I’ve had whey protein, they have made me feel bloated and just a bit icky!! But CLP has been great, no bloating and no pains, it’s been heaven for my digestion! If you are vegan or vegetarian, or just want a protein source a bit more natural yet still convenient, NuZest CLP would definitely be on my list of recommendations!

77 different nutrients, vitamins and minerals in a 10g serving!

Last but not least, The Good Green Stuff! I love the branding on this one, ‘green stuff’ because it’s a mixture of so many different veggie stuff I guess! I’m going to sound like a rubbish Personal Trainer and fitness blogger BUT, I’m just not a fan of veggies…I’d much prefer to eat fruit as I’m a sweet tooth kinda gal! So, by having this in my life makes it a great way to get all those nutrients that I’m not getting at the moment! In reality as well, how many different veggies can you consume within a week?! Of course, if you are already eating a diverse amount of vegetables then this product might not be necessary for you. But for me personally, I know that I avoid veggies as I don’t particularly like them, so the GGS works well for me! I won’t list all the ingredients, as there are 77 in total which is all packed into a 10g serving can I just point out, but if you want to find out more just have a look at the NuZest website. Flavour…I’m not going to lie to you guys, the flavour was pretty bad just as you’d expect a green powder to taste, so I would recommend mixing it into a smoothie which overpowers the greenness! But considering it has so much good stuff in it I would persevere and try lots of different recipes to see what would work well and taste better!


That’s it my lovelies! Again, just to clarify, all the above is my own honest opinion, I wouldn’t recommend a product to you guys if I didn’t think it had any benefits to it! I think the NuZest CLP and GGS products are a great alternative to whey protein powder and veggies (if you’re not a fan like me!). They are packed with natural ingredients and NO nasties!! They come in sachets or tubs depending on what you prefer and the protein also comes in 5 different flavours! Give them a try and let me know what you guys make of them. If you know of any other all-natural protein powders then give me a comment below I’d love to try some more!! So far, the Nuzest guys are smashing it out of the park!


V x

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