Are you losing your motivation in the gym?

So we’ve hit February! Personally, January flew by for me, what about for you guys? Remeber those goals you set in January for the new year? How are you getting on with them? If you’re struggling with the motivation that’s completely fine and completely normal! It’s this time of the new year when people usually start to lose hope with the new year goals they set. But let’s not allow that to happen for you!

Keeping up with that new gym routine can be tough at times. You may have been doing the same routine now for the last 6 weeks and it’s getting pretty boring. Well, why not switch up your workout. Try a new class, do some different exercises, have a new goal set for the end of March. Smaller goals will keep you motivated and the end goal won’t seem as daunting! If you’ve been seeing the same people at the end for the last few weeks, strike up a conversation with some of them, having a social at the gym isn’t always a bad thing as long as you are getting the work done. You might not be enjoying the classes you’ve been attended, try some new ones, branch out. There are so many different classes available you just need to search for them! I also find that if I leave my laptop out I’m more likely to do work on it, do this with your gym trainers! Leave them somewhere you always see them and they are pretty much staring you in the face telling you to exercise!

First things first, take a look back as to why you started your fitness journey. What was the reason you signed up to go to that gym in the first place? Write down those reasons again, right now, grab yourself pen and paper! You need to be committed to yourself if you want those things you’ve written down to change. I know it can be tough and seem impossible, but it’s not! You just need to give yourself time and keep consistent. Don’t let yourself down. You have to dig deep and keep going because if you think of the bigger picture and all the things you could achieve, you should keep going. Write down a small goal which you want to have achieved by the end of March. That’s another 6 weeks away which gives you plenty of time to up your game again.

So you’ve reminded yourself why you set your goals and why you joined the gym. Let’s take another bit of paper and write down the reasons you are losing motivation. You might not know why you’ve lost your mojo. Maybe you’ve pushed yourself too hard. Maybe you aren’t enjoying it. Maybe it’s just hard. Well, I hate to be that brutally honest person but, they are just excuses standing in the way of you changing your life. Yes, it’ll be hard and you won’t enjoy every second, but the outcome will be well worth it! Pushing yourself too hard is a valid excuse. If you are training nearly every day at the minute just have a week where you lower the intensity and the number of training sessions. Go for a walk or a swim, something relaxing and not too intense on the body.

Do something different to keep the mind and body on its toes. If you find ballet fun, hit up a ballet barre workout. If you prefer your workouts short and sweet then HIIT is probably the best option for you. Want to learn more about weightlifting then there are classes for that too. I could go on, but I don’t want to bore you! That’s the whole reason I started Crossfit, because I was bored of my normal gym sessions and wanted someone to kick a rocket up my arse, sometimes that’s needed! So losing your motivation is a pretty normal thing, don’t get disheartened, but you need to remember why you started. You are the only one that is going to get you anywhere. No one else knows or understands the reasons you want to get yourself to the gym. You need to remind yourself of that everytime you feel tired or lazy. If you still aren’t sure about setting goals or want to know more about my Crossfit experience so far  I have posts written up, just have a scroll and I’m sure you’ll find them!

Any questions or tips, comment below and I’ll get back to you!


V x

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