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Ever thought about doing a workout at home? You don’t always have to go to the gym to get a sweat on! Being in the comfort of your own home is sometimes more convenient and you might even find you work harder as there is no one watching you. So, I thought I would give you guys my top 5 pieces of equipment you can purchase online at a great cost! All the products are from and I actually have them all myself, I wouldn’t recommend the products if I didn’t think they were worth it! The links I’ll be including are affiliate links but all the words and opinions are my own! Let’s get straight to it!

Kettlebells! These are one of my favourite pieces of equipment to use when I train my clients. They are so versatile, you can get a full body workout by just using 1 kettlebell. They are great for targetting specific muscle groups, improving strength and your cardio fitness. Personally, I would recommend getting 2 kettlebells of different weights. However, when you purchase your first kettlebell choose a weight you think you would be able to do. When you get it through the post, test a few different exercises with it and see how it feels for upper body movements and lower, try out a few shoulder presses and squats. If it’s easy for the lower body movements your second kettlebell you purchase should be heavier, not just by 2kg, you could possibly push to double the weight of your current kettlebell. For example, if you buy a 6kg kettlebell and decide this will be a good start for your upper body movements, grab a 12kg for your lower body exercises, trust me, you will be stronger than you think! Amazon has SO many different kettlebells, but these particular Kettlebell Weights are the ones I have at home and use with my clients.

One of the easiest pieces of equipment to take ANYWHERE with you, literally, are resistance bands! Nifty little things they are, and you can get quite a sweat on depending on the tightness of the band! I recently posted a video on Instagram of a band circuit which you guys could give a go, comment below if you do!! Bands are great for rehab injuries, stretching and adding some resistance to so many exercises. They usually come in a pack of 4-5 different weighted bands so again you can slowly progress and use different bands for different exercises depending on difficulty. The bands I’m using in my Instagram video are Physix Gear Pull Up Assist Bands which are great quality value for money!

This is something new that I’ve been trying to incorporate more and more into the end of my sessions as it’s a great bit of cardio fitness, can you guess what it is? Skipping! Remember as a kid you would skip around for the duration of play and not get tired, try skipping now and I can guarantee it won’t be quite as easy!! I’ve been using it as either a 5 minute warm up before sessions or as a cardio blitz for 15-20minutes at the end of the session. I like to try and have some fun with it and attempt some cool routines but I usually just end up whipping myself, I’ll keep practising! Again, this isn’t an expensive bit of equipment and you can take it anywhere with you, simple Plastic Skipping Rope which costs you less than £5! Absolute bargain!

If you are wanting a more relaxing day, something which isn’t going to get you too sweaty but you want to feel like you’ve done something at the same time, give yoga a try. There are SO many videos on youtube of either 10 minute flows to 60 minutes, however long you want to do. There are also different types of yoga available online, morning energisers, evening stretches, you get the gist! One person I really like is Shona Vertue , she makes it all very easy to follow and easy to understand. The one thing you will want doing yoga which will honestly make such a difference to the whole experience…a yoga mat! Doing yoga on the floor or carpet just isn’t the same I don’t think. You end up slipping around or getting carpet stuck to your hands it’s just not fun at all! Personally, I find that having a yoga mat with a bit of extra thickness is more comfortable when you are doing positions where you are adding pressure to your knees. I don’t know about you guys, but the fact there is a yoga mat sitting in front of me will make me want to do yoga too! I’ve got this KG | PHYSIO Exercise and Yoga Mat which is great protection for the knees and you can get a variety of different colours too!

Have you ever heard of a TRX? It’s basically suspension training. You use your body weight to add resistance but you can increase the intensity of the exercise pretty easily, which usually involves putting your body at more of an angle. The TRX was invented by a guy in the navy (TRX doesn’t actually stand for anything!), he wanted something that could give him a whole body workout whilst being under the sea in a submarine, TRX was born! It’s again something I use in my own training and with clients either attached to a tree or propped up in the doorway. They are very versatile and can be used for all levels of fitness. You can get this TRX Suspension Trainer which is just under £130 if you want the full package, this is the one I use, but you could also get this Kylin Sport Fitness Exercise Strap Suspension Trainer for less than £30. There are a variety out there on Amazon, personally I can only recommend the branded TRX trainer as this is the one I have, but if you try a different version let me know how you get on and what the quality is like!

So there you have my top five equipment buys for at home workouts! However, there is one more thing I want to share with you guys as I think it’s pretty important! Stretching and mobility is so important to keep your body away from injuries and to aid recovery after a workout, we don’t do it enough, including me!! I mean wouldn’t we all love to have a massage once or twice a week to get our body back to ultimate performance level?! Why not give foam rolling a try! Don’t get me wrong, they can be seriously painful on your tighter areas but stick with it and it’ll ease, trust me! I have PhysioWorld Foam Roller – Blue – 90 cm which has no bumps on at all! There are so many videos on youtube which show you how to use a foam roller, but if your not sure ask someone at your gym and keep researching it, rolling has so many benefits. It basically releases the knots and tension in the muscles, just like a deep tissue massage. You want to work each area with care and time, don’t rush foam rolling. As soon as you hit a bit of pain in the muscle, pause on that area until it eases then carry on up the muscle. If you want some more info on this comment below and I’ll get a post written up for you guys!

That really is it now! I hope you found this useful and let me know if you get any of the above, I do honestly recommend them ALL as I have and use every single one every week! They are my favourite pieces of equipment in and out of the gym too! If you want any specific advice on any of the above drop a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP! Enjoy your home workouts!!


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