My experience with Crossfit so far…

Right my gals and guys, i’ve been meaning to write this post for a little while now and it’s something you have been wanting to know. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that i’ve been going to Crossfit since the beginning of November, and i wanted to give my honest opinion on it as i know it gets a lot of bad press in the PT world, me being one of them when i first started.

I first of all wanted to try Crossfit because i was just getting bored of my training and wanted to try something completely new. I’ve always loved the look of weight lifting and being able to do a snatch, so, i thought why not try it and see how it goes. There is a local Crossfit not too far from where i lived and it’s safe the say that after my first session i fell in love with it. It pushed me out of my comfort zone, made me look at my technique AND made me feel strong. I’ll always remember in my first session we were doing back squats, there i was squatting away, when the instructor put a ball under my bum and told me to try and touch it when i squat. Now, i’m not going to lie, i’ve always kind of made the excuse that i’m tall is the reason i can’t squat that deep, but realistically i was just too scared!! Which now when i think about it is just crazy and i have wasted time, but, none the less i did it. That was the first barrier i got over…super LOW squats.

Before i tried Crossfit i was actually very much against it. I didn’t agree with kipping (the weird kind swing pull ups they do), crazy workouts, and dangerous teaching. HOWEVER…let me tell you, that’s all changed now!! Kipping…not something you just do within your first few weeks of Crossfit. You have to learn how to do a full pull up before you can even attempt kipping, as the motion can damage your shoulders if not done properly. The workouts, or as i previously said, crazy workouts, are sometimes crazy and i just think…seriously?! But you get through them. The workouts are usually technique based, strength based or cardio based. When i went the other day the WOD (workout of the day) was snatch based, which for me was perfect as it’s something i really want to work on. Still got a sweat on but i didn’t feel as if i was going to pass out just as much! I don’t even know why i thought it was dangerous teaching. To be able to do Crossfit you have to complete an induction first. You can’t just turn up every week never been taught the correct way to do a movement. They take you in small groups, teach you all the movements, and then when it comes to the workout you start light making sure your form is perfect, just like any other sort of exercise…hopefully!

Back to now and how i feel. I love it. I wish i could do more of it. I love it that much i’m even on a Crossfit strength programme with one of the instructors at the box. If you read my goals for 2018, i’d like to be able to do pulls ups and handstand press ups by the end of the year, and also maybe do some form of competition, we shall see how i get on, especially when i am working away from home every other week, i haven’t got space to do all the lifts over head, which is a shame, but i’ll just have to practice even more when i am home! Being on a programme really helps me focus and stay motivated. I love that when i get to the gym i know exactly what i have to do, i hate getting to the gym and just doing random things for the sake of it! Programmes just work for me, they don’t work for everyone!

Crossfit isn’t for everyone, just like i’m not a huge long distance running fan, i’m not writing this to try and persuade you to go to Crossfit in any shape or form, you’ve got to want to give it a go. I didn’t even second think it this time last year, and now i’m ranting and raving about it!! If you have thought about it, find your local centre that does it and pop in for a chat or a trial session. Something i have found, is that Crossfit is a community, i’ve never walked into the box and felt like i shouldn’t be there or unwelcome. It really is a big family and the instructors are so helpful, just make sure you listen to them as they are the experts! I’ve found something that i want to stick with, possibly compete in, which keeps me healthy both physically and mentally, it’s a win win situation really isn’t it?!

If you’ve thought about Crossfit or if you have any specific questions just drop a comment below and i’ll get back to you as soon as i can! I’d love to know if i’ve changed your opinion on Crossfit too!!


V x


  1. January 10, 2018 / 12:53 am

    I was so interested to read this! I, too, for whatever reason think that CrossFit is “dangerous” or that they do “crazy hard workouts” and that if I did it I’d very likely get injured very quickly from improper form or just from trying to keep up!

    I’m glad you shared that these were some of your misconceptions too! And that you were wrong. That’s really good to know.

    Like you, I’d love to be able to do pull ups (gosh, even managing to do a set of monkey bars would be amazing!) and I know CrossFit is a good way to learn pull ups but it’s scary to me! Very good to read that my beliefs about the “boxes” might be wrong!!

    • January 10, 2018 / 7:08 am

      So glad this could help you! CrossFit is great, what I’d recommend is maybe try and go to a session that’s in the Day time if you have time off work, as it’s quieter and a smaller group of people, be less daunting on your first go!!

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