Getting back on track after Christmas!

Let’s be honest, this time of the year everyone struggles to get in some form of exercise, including myself. Your life is taken over by the festivities of food and family, not that it’s a bad thing, it’s great!! You should have those times to make new memories and let off some steam! However, it’s usually pretty hard to get back into a routine and start again. It tends to lead to a week of eating large amounts, feeling bloated and getting pretty merry most days! Even for me, getting back into the mindset of training and working again is tough, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to just relax and eat all day everyday, so we make it last as long as possible saying that we will ‘start fresh in the new year’. BUT, have you ever heard of that saying, ‘Why start tomorrow when you can start today’?

Getting back into a routine is crucial. It’ll set you up for the rest of the day and you’ll feel better for it. If you aren’t back to work and find it hard to have a routine, break the day up into smaller segments and have a plan for the day. Even if that’s just, go for a walk at 12.30, do the ironing for 30 minutes at 3pm, just something very simple to get those mundane tasks complete, instead of them hanging around in the back of your mind for you to dread them later on. Try and think ahead to the next day to set yourself some tasks, again, they don’t have to be huge, just something to get you up and moving to get things done.

Exercise. We all feel full. We all feel groggy. We are all in that food coma, but, yet somehow, we still manage to eat that little bit of left over cake. Just getting up and going for a walk during the day will make you feel 10 times better. It’ll help with your digestion and tiredness. A release of endorphins and you will probably bump into a few of your neighbours too!! Don’t exercise to ‘burn off calories’ as you don’t need to do that. Don’t feel guilty about what you ate, be thankful that you were lucky enough to have that time enjoying the meal(s). Exercise with your family, get the kids out, take your nieces and nephews to the park. If you are like me and would prefer to go to the gym, by all means do so. I’m not saying go all out and get some personal bests, just something to get the heart rate up and get a little sweaty!

Keep yourself hydrated during the day!! Making sure that you are drinking enough water throughout the day is SO important. There you are drinking alcohol and being social, but just throw a glass of water into it too! Try and have a glass of water every time you pour yourself an alcoholic drink. Drinking alcohol dehydrates you as it is, so having no water at all isn’t exactly ideal, you’ll be feeling it the next day otherwise! When you know you aren’t socialising have the day without alcohol and just drink plenty of water to re-hydrate your body again. Water has an impact on so many things, not just your bodily functions but your mood and headaches too!

Don’t stress. Yes you have eaten a lot in the last few days, but you are not alone. If you have things open in your fridge that you know you will want to eat but don’t really want to eat them, just throw them away! That box of un-opened biscuits (biscuits are my weakness!), give to charity or put out of sight for another time when you have guests. Mindset is huge this time of the year. One bad meal won’t make you fat. A few days of overeating and enjoying yourself is very normal this time of the year and it’s not going to ruin all your hard work from the gym. Listen to your body for the next few days and if you aren’t hungry, then don’t have such a big meal. Put the snacks to one side, but if you do finish that box of chocolates or eat the last of the Christmas cake, don’t lose sleep over it. It’s done now. It’s gone. Start fresh.

For me especially, i struggle having things in the house that i want to eat but know i shouldn’t. I stuff my face with all the amazing foods, by the time boxing day comes to an end i feel i’ve eaten double my body weight. However, in my mind, there are no temptations left now and i can feel relaxed. I’m not saying that this is the best way to go about it, but, for the things opened and half eaten they have to be thrown away otherwise i’ll feel i have to eat them so that they are gone. Again, let me emphasis, this isn’t the most healthy way to think but i’m just explaining how i deal with it all!

Enjoy yourself!! Christmas only happens once a year so live in the moment and enjoy the day, and the week leading up to New Year. Be with your loved ones, remember those that can’t be with you and make memories to last a life time. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it?? Merry Christmas everyone!! Let’s enjoy the last few days of 2017, as iffff it’s nearly over!!

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