Christmas Gift Guide!

So it’s officially half way through December, have you finished all your Christmas shopping? If not, do not threat!! I have your back and i’m here with a few little ideas that you can get your best friend, relative, family member or pet! There really is something for everyone out there you just need some inspiration and direction, or maybe you want to show someone an item below as a subtle hint, if you know what i mean!! I’ll be honest though, this is one probably for the girls!

But let’s not have too much ramble today, lets get straight into it!!

Let’s start with something i am obviously very passionate about, fitness! For that reason, i would say that an Activity Tracker is a great gift. They track all the necessary things like calories, steps, heart rate and even sleep! It doesn’t matter what kind of sport they are into as they can be waterproof too!! The price of activity trackers has really gone down in the last year or so as the competition is ridiculous! But saying that, you want to still pick a decent brand like FitBit or this one from Garmin. It would be great for a guy or a gal depending on which wrist strap you chose.

I think every household needs some sort of blender. Healthy eating and cooking is something i love doing, especially more recently when i have been making my own protein balls/bars. A blender is so so useful and again is really quite a versatile present!! Personally i would recommend the classic Nutribullet, which you can now get for £59.99 from Argos, or there are a lot of other brands such as Blend Active which work just as well, but they have less pieces like blades etc.

Something you might not know about me is that i LOVE stationary. I always have since a child. I used to get so excited when a new term would start so i could get a new set of pens and a new pencil case…just me or..? For all the book worms, diary addicts, journal writers and stationary obsessed, this Three-Six-Five diary, which is all vegan by the way, is just stunning! I’ve even asked for it too! It comes in a few different sizes and colours, but i just love the subtle detailing and the quotes on the front of the diary. It’s got pages for your everyday plan, goal setting, travel plans, it really has everything you need, and i really hope i get one!! Otherwise i’ll just be purchasing this myself!! For a diary it is more on the expensive side of things i’ll admit, as it comes in at £30 BUT i feel the quality and the fact it’s all cruelty free, makes up for the slightly bigger price tag.

Do you have someone in your family who is obsessed with beauty and makeup products? Personally, i don’t have much clue when it comes to makeup, just as well i’m not a beauty blogger, but more recently i have tried to learn some what the point of it all is! So for that makeup queen in your life, why not get them a Beauty Box subscription?! GLOSSYBOX provide a box of 5 products every month suited to the persons skin tone and complexion. You can either treat the makeup guru all year with a £10 subscription fee, or you can make 1 big purchase for 3, 6 or 12 months, depending on how generous you are feeling! I would go for the 3 month subscription, which is £28.50, just to get a feel of the box first, and make sure that it’s worth the person possibly carrying it on! But i really think this is a great gift and something someone would be very happy with!!

Everyone has that one person that is slightly difficult to buy for. They don’t have any hobbies, they aren’t particularly into their makeup, but are very home proud. Well, my dear friends, you know what they need?! A candle set. I know this might sound boring to you, but to others this might be a dream come true. I’m not just talking about any candles, i’m talking about the scented candles which fill a room and everyone compliments when they enter your house. I love a good smelly candle, especially at Christmas!! Yankee Candle have got some really lovely scents. Everything from baby powder to a crackling wood fire! They aren’t all over powering so you have to consider what kind of smells your special someone might like. You can either purchase a single large candle, which come in at £23.99, or why not mix it up and give them a cheeky selection box for just £19.69? You can’t really go wrong with candles can you!

I hope this was some help guys!! Also, none of the above are affiliate links they are just gifts that i thought are pretty goooood! Let me know if you get any of the above and who you are buying it for! Don’t you worry, i wont spoil the surprise!!

Merry Christmas!!

V x

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