My Goals for 2018!! How fast has this year gone?!

Who’s excited for Christmas?! I have literally gone Christmas mad this year i can’t even begin to explain! The mass amount of Christmas decorations i have got for the table is a little crazy BUT i bought the majority of it from poundland, but the things i bought are genuinely so so nice! Would you guys want to see a little youtube haul on everything that i got? Comment below and let me know.

However, back to the subject of this blog (see i seriously get distracted even mentioning Christmas!). I know it’s not the end of the year yet but at the beginning of December i like to start thinking of my new goals for the new year. If you have been a follower for a while, thank you, you will have hopefully read my last year goals. If not, don’t you worry, i’m going to go over them and we can see together if i’ve managed to stick with them! Fingers crossed there aren’t too many excuses that i come up with…

So, the first goal i set myself for 2017 was to not be scared to fail and try new things. Personally, i feel like i have completely achieved that. I have pushed myself hugely this year. Going away for 5 months, learning how to deal with different people, learning all the les mills classes and also learning a lot about myself. I’ve really stepped out of my comfort zone and pushed myself, for that i am so proud.

Alright so thats one big fat tick. My second goal last year was to blog twice a week. I can admit that it hasn’t happened. I have tried to blog as much as i could, but whilst enjoying being away working and socialising, it’s been put down my list of things to do, but i am now back and this is going to be something that i am going to work on again for 2018.

My third and final goal i set myself last year was to ‘stop worrying what other people thing. There is positive in everyday so take every moment as it comes.’ Another huge fat gigantic tick!! This was one of my main goals i wanted to work on for myself. It’s something that i think you can always improve on. Of course, everyone has their bad days, but just by telling yourself ‘it’s okay’ and ‘things will get better’ do really help me as a person. I’ve found that by going away and working, being independent, has made such a difference on my confidence as a person and what i do. I don’t worry what other people think, as much. My favourite saying now it ‘You do you’. If you want to do something, you go out there and do it. You only live once so you have to enjoy it as much as possible. I feel like now i am so much more of a happier, relaxed and positive person. I’d like to think that i always have been, but now my confidence has grown, i can show it more. If people don’t like it, no problem, you can’t please everyone.

Now onto a new year and new goals! Even though i am going to carry on with the above, there are a few other things which i want to add! I’ll be honest with you guys, i’m not the biggest reader, however, for 2018 i aim to read at least 4 times a week. I bought various nutrition books the other day and i am determined to read them. Not only to expand my knowledge and mind to help others, but i think reading is great for relaxation. I love learning, i sound like a huge geek, but it’s true, and by reading these books is going to teach me so much. I’ve started reading ‘The diet myths’ By Tim Spector, it’s great and i’ve learnt things already. I actually have a notebook of the topics i want to read about and little tips i’ve picked up from reading the book so far.

Bit of a random one, but second goal is to get a new car. I’ve wanted a new car for a little while now, mainly since i’ve been back from Greece, but i’m really serious about it now and it’s something huge to work for. Will definitely make me work even harder to achieve it. Even though, it’ll be so sad saying goodbye to my car now. I still have my very first car, her name is dory and i love her. She’s a fiat 500 in white, i know typical girl car! I shouldn’t really name things as i get too attached but i seem to do it with everything, even the Christmas tree is called Timothy!

Of course, i want to grow my blog and stick with getting 2 blog posts done a week. Growing my social media, Instagram to at 5000 followers, Youtube to 500 subscribers. It’s all well and good saying that, but you need a plan of action. Getting quality content out there, taking time with my captions, getting good pictures, producing content which is going to be valuable and help people with their health and fitness. I’m not doing it for the followers, i’m doing it so that hopefully my content will be reached by more people in order to help them. I’m not one of those people who are all about the followers. I want people to want to follow me, so that they can learn new things and get some tips on how to improve their lifestyle.

Alrighty, onto the next goal for 2018! I want to complete some kind of challenge. Whether thats in Crossfit, a crazy obstacle race, a trek up the 3 peaks or all 3! I’ve thought about all of them recently and i couldn’t just say that i would only want to complete one. I mean they would all be a HUGE achievement to complete!! I think for this i will set smaller goals. So, maybe, the obstacle run in March, 3 peaks in June and Crossfit competition in October? What do you guys think?? People may think i’m crazy or don’t understand why i would want to set myself such challenges, but i enjoy having something to work towards. I enjoy training for a specific thing and keeping it interesting. Theres no harm in challenging your mind and body i don’t think!

Lastly, but by no means least, i’ve literally written down ‘BE YOU’. I think that this is so important. Never stop standing for what you believe to be right. Never let anyone control your thoughts or actions. Enjoy everyday and be proud of who you are, because you are unique. I know that sometimes you have to act professional or behave in a certain way, but that doesn’t change your beliefs or personality, don’t you dare change for any one else. You are perfect as you are! Before i get too carried away, i’m going to stop there!!

Sorry that it’s a pretty long one guys, i clearly had more to say than i realised! Well done if you are still here, i really do appreciate it!! I would also be SO SO thankful if you voted for me in the UK Blog Awards that i’ve been shortlisted for!! Eeeek!! So excited! Would love to get my blog noticed more and let people realise that it’s okay to go through dark stages in your life, it’s normal and people should feel okay to talk about it. But, before i start to ramble!! All you need to do is click here and select scroll to the bottom to vote. Just have to enter your name and email and voila! It would really mean the world to me!!


V x


  1. aggie.coutinho
    December 29, 2017 / 8:35 am

    Hi, these goals and the post are fantastic! good luck. It’s nice to read that you try to keep your goals achievable and at the same time you believe we can do nearly anything we want to if we work hard on it! 🙂 What’s your you tube channel?
    If you have a moment maybe you’d like to have a look at my recent blog post about setting goals. I write mainly about personal growth and positive psychology:

    Happy New Year! 🙂

    • December 29, 2017 / 8:37 am

      So glad you liked it will have a look at your blog too!! My youtube is Vikki Axell and my insta is @vikkiaxellfit 🙂

      • aggie.coutinho
        December 29, 2017 / 12:29 pm

        Thanks! I subscribed your YT channel. I intend to start mine, about personal growth. It’s very time consuming to create and edit videos when you are a beginner, isnt it! 😉

        • December 29, 2017 / 12:49 pm

          That’s amazing thankyou so much!! Yes definitely try, just weird being in front on a camera sometimes haha

          • aggie.coutinho
            December 30, 2017 / 8:38 am

            I know.. I’ve recorded my first video a few times and I dont like so many things about it but I’m trying to remind myself that I’m just a beginner and will learn a lot soon.. 😉 How many times did you record your first video before you posted it on YT? Do you need to record some videos a few times at the moment or now when you are more experienced you do it once, edit and post?

          • December 30, 2017 / 8:54 am

            I just do it once because I would over think it and then it would become fake and put on if you know what I mean, I might not like it but that’s just because I’m not used to hearing my voice if that makes sense?

          • aggie.coutinho
            December 30, 2017 / 9:00 am

            Yes, I know what you mean. Oh… I hope I get better in it and record things only once. I feel that more practice I have better I feel in front of camera so also remember things and speak more naturally or fluently about it too but I guess everyone is different and starts differently. Thanks for your insight!
            Aggie x

          • December 30, 2017 / 9:20 am

            Yeah just keep at it and you’ll get better for sure! I mean I’m no pro at all haha x

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