A relaxing day at Rowhill Grange Spa

A place of complete tranquility with a beautiful surrounding. Rowhill Grange Spa, based in Swanley, is a stunning spa on looking to rolling hills. It was a glorious sunny day when me and my mum arrived. It had only taken us 20minutes to get there which was great! A day of relaxing is just what we both needed, bearing in mind i’ve wanted a massage since getting back from Greece at the beginning of September! It’s been long overdue lets put it like that!


On arrival, we were warmly welcomed by the staff and shown around the spa/gym area. We were given a locker with towels and robes, told when our appointments and lunch were scheduled for, then left to our own devices. Of course, i thought it would be great to get a little gym session in ideally before our treatment if it was planned to our advantages. Thankfully it was! We arrived at 10am and our treatment wasn’t until 12pm, lunch at 1pm and departure at 4pm, sounds like we were in an airport or something! But yes, so, we had 2 hours to kill before our full body massage (hell yes!!), so off we went to the gym…if you can call it that. Don’t get me wrong, i understand it was under renovation and A LOT of the machines weren’t working, there was no music but there were dumbbells, cables, a few leg machines and air con, thank god because it wasn’t much bigger than my room at home! BUT, none the less, i whacked out a leg superset, shoulder superset and back superset. I mean, i’m not gunna brag about the gym, mainly because there wasn’t much to brag about, but mainly because i came for a spa day and spend some quality time with my mum.

Let’s get into the good stuff! The spa and pool area was…just…like something out of greek history. It resembled the roman baths and i just thought the area as a whole looked phenomenal. There was a bubble pool, hot tub and main pool area just up some stairs. There was plenty of seating available and the vibe just pure rustic bliss. You can see from the pictures what i mean when i say i felt like i was at a roman bath right?? The pictures don’t do it justice really but you get the idea! We spent an hour in the pool area before our treatments, which i was so excited about. After over 6 months of wanting/needing a massage, the 25 minutes just didn’t seem long enough!! It was so relaxing and has definitely helped with some of the knots which were in my upper back, although i could probably have an hours massage and still not get them all out! The masseuse was great, she checked i was happy with the pressure and asked if i wanted her to focus on any particular areas, of course i said shoulders! The products they used on me i actually found really nice. Sometimes i find they are really greasy and you still feel it hours later still stuck to you, but these seem to soak well into the skin and my skin felt so soft and silky after! Very very happy bunny! The products are also available to purchase if you wanted to.


Not only was all of that amazing, then we had food. Now, we had the choice of either afternoon tea or a 2 course lunch. Personally, i would have gone for the afternoon tea just because scones are life, but my mum fancied a change and wanted the lunch, which i was disappointed about but i was proved very wrong! The dining area was gorgeous. It was a light and airy room, with an amazing sky light which just worked so well on the day with the blue sky and rays of sunshine! The setting was lovely, it truly was. For starter we had tomato and basil soup, i know, it doesn’t sound too thrilling, but it was really quite flavoursome. You could tell it was freshly made, not from a tin, with little cream (great for me and my sensitive stomach!) and a bread roll fresh from the oven on the side. For main, i had grilled chicken, courgette and carrot spaghetti with crisped potatoes. Again, it was light, but filling. There was no sauce which personally for me was fine, but i think it would have added a little more flavour to the dish. But who am i?! I’m no connoisseur! My mum had seabass in some creamy sauce, buttered potato and broccoli which she was very happy with also! I did try the buttered potato and oh my, it was like creamy mash just divine. Oh yeah, i forgot to mention! We did have a complimentary tea/coffee with a flapjack after our gym session which i thought was a nice touch.

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing in the pools and having a gentle swim. There are steam rooms and a sauna but i’m just not a fan of them, never have been, feel quite suffocated in that sort of thing! But i did have a sneaky peak and they looked very clean and a good size. In fact everything was very clean and i didn’t have any complaints about the level of service.


Overall, Rowhill Grange Spa was a fantastic experience. I would 100% go again. It was great value for money and i believe they have various deals on throughout the year. But even if they haven’t got a deal on, i would recommend it! It’s in a lovely setting, the staff were friendly and helpful, the food was impeccable and the facilities are rustic chic. The day just wasn’t long enough!! Let me know your recommendations of any spa days/weekends! Cant go wrong with a bit of pampering can you!

V x

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