M&S Dine in for 2…or 4?!

It’s not just any blog post. It’s an M&S blog post. Okay, so that doesn’t quite work but you get my drift…I hope! Marks and Spencer literally have the most amazing food choices. I could happily walk into any store and spend an absolute fortune, unless i have my mum as she gets 20% discount, happy days!

I would say recently, but it’s been around for a while now. The dine in for 2 collection. You may have seen it on the TV, temping you to indulge in a millionaire cheesecake, chunky chips or perhaps some profiteroles. You get a main course, a side, a dessert AND a bottle of wine or soft drink if you prefer all for the small price of £20! Now don’t get me wrong. The value for money is amazing, as just a bottle of wine could be £20 and the quality of the food is just to die for. However! In this day and age we are wanting people to be more aware of what and how much of things they are consuming. I go by everything in moderation 100%, but, let me just say, the M&S Dine in for 2 range is definitely not just for 2 people…surely?! But then that’s what they advertise it as, confused?

For dinner on Thursday night, me and my parents shared the Cajun chicken tenders between the three of us. There were 10 tenders in total. 10! Somehow, that’s meant to be shared between 2? Even for me having 3 and 1/2 tenders was pushing it a little bit. Let alone the dessert. So we had millionaire shortbread, which is literally amazing and i don’t regret it at all, but in each individual pot was 462 calories. I mean. I just don’t understand how they are expecting people to eat this much in one sitting and stay healthy?!

Some of the options in the dine in are the perfect amount for 2 people. But then you also have a huge apple pie which is clearly for more than 2. I don’t know if it’s M&S thinking that consumers will assume they cook it but don’t eat it all in one sitting. But for some consumers they will eat the entirety in the one sitting as that’s what it’s advertised as. A lot of the range me and my family have either shared between 3 or 4 people. But they are advertising this as a meal for 2. Which i don’t think is necessarily the healthy choice, or something we want to push people into eating that amount. It’s just going to assist in obesity and urge people to eat more than they actually need.

I think what M&S have done is just used some of their existing products and included it into the deal. But then what about portion control? What about peoples health? What about the fact that 2 people are having a huge meal, which could actually feed a minimum of 3, if not more? I think what would be better for everyone (in health terms) is to make products that are genuinely for 1 person. Of course, a piece of steak or chicken is for 1. But when you have 10 chicken tenders in a pack i mean, let’s be real now…

Now this blog post isn’t a dig at M&S or their food because their food is #LIFE. But i just wanted to make you guys aware that just because something has a certain serving size on, doesn’t mean that you HAVE to stick with them. If you feel it’s a little larger to what you’re used to, you are probably right. If you get something in the Dine in for 2 range but again it’s rather huge, eat as much of it as you want and save the rest. You don’t have to eat the whole portion between 2, I mean you could, if you are all about them bulk gains, heavy training sessions and lead an active life, but if not, maybe just think twice before serving up!

V x

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