Are you intimidated by the weight section in your gym full of guys…?

So my lovelies! This is just a random post really to get you feeling motivated on your monday!

I recently put a poll on my twitter and instagram asking you gals, if you felt intimidated by a male strength gym. The results were pretty scary. The majority of you answered that question with a Yes!! You would feel intimidated going into a manly gym/area. But i’ll ask you another question, why?

Walking into a manly gym, or even just the weights area which is full of guys, when you are the only girl and unconfident in what you are doing can be tough. That’s okay. All the guys in the gym started there too. You aren’t born knowing how everything works in the gym, or how to do every exercise. It takes time to learn these things. You can watch youtube videos, instagram posts and even people in the gym to get some ideas. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it too. The gym instructors are there for you, they may seem scary but they are usually pretty bored and would love to give you some help to pass the time!

My top tips for those of you that feel a little weary going into the weight area are:

  1. Grab some dumbbells and find a space you feel comfortable to train in. Dumbbells are so versatile, you can get a full body workout, or target certain muscles just by using 1 pair.
  2. Take a friend with you to have a go with some of the equipment or try out some exercises you’ve wanted to try for ages! This way you have someone to consult and have some fun with.
  3. Try and get to the gym for a less busy time before all the muscles get there and make you feel uneasy! This way you have time to practice what you want to do and look around at the equipment.
  4. Have a plan. Don’t just wonder around in the weights area not really having an idea of what exercise you are planning on smashing. But, have alternatives, if the piece of equipment or machine you want is in use, then have a back up exercise you can hit up.
  5. Own it. No one in the gym really cares about what you are doing. Everyone is doing their own thing and focusing on them. Usually the majority of people have their headphones in or are on their phones during their rest time, they wont be looking at you. But, if they are looking at you, they are probably thinking ‘Dayyyyyym that girl is fire!’ so just work it! Everyone is there for the same reason too don’t forget.

I do just want to say, that even now, sometimes i get conscious when i enter my gym. It’s a full on strength gym and i think i’ve only ever seen about 3 other girls in there! But it’s an amazing gym and thankfully i’m lucky enough to go when it’s less busy. When i’ve been and it is packed out, i can feel a little self conscious. It’s a natural feeling!! But once you start doing your thing and own it, you’ll forget everyone else is even there!

Not caring about what others think is a huge thing to overcome. Everyone, to some extent, will always think about what others are thinking, but the less you worry the happier you will be. Don’t worry about those people in the gym who are ripped to shreds and pumping major iron, because they have ALL been in your position, and would, most of the time, be happy to help you too!

Fitness ‘freaks’ aren’t scary or mean, they are just dedicated people who all started in the exact same place you did. No one was born strong, its something you gain over years. So don’t give up. Don’t be scared. Own it.

Happy Monday everyone! Go smash your workout!

V x

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