Have you tried the Sport FX Makeup range?

Now let me just start this post by saying that in no way shape or form, am i a beauty pro or even near amateur stage. I am probably one of the most useless people with makeup! I just stick with what i know and occasionally branch out with new things on the block. By the way, this is in no way sponsored or anything like that, i went out and bought all the products myself so this in my honest opinion. But, with that in mind, lets get straight into it!

SportFX. You have probably seen this all over instagram in the last few months and i have to admit…i really wanted to try it!! If you haven’t heard of it then you have been living under a rock, no i’m just kidding, it’s a new makeup and skincare brand for everyone who leads an active lifestyle. It’s meant for those gals that want to look good in the gym and after! Not that i’m one for wearing makeup, literally it’s got to be a special occasion, but the fact this was aimed at people like me in and out of the gym, running around to clients, i wondered if the hype for this ‘sweat proof’ makeup was indeed correct.


So, when i saw it in sports direct (getting myself a skipping rope #fitness), i was all over it like a rash. Out of their many products available i thought i would stick with some basics first before i get too carried away. I grabbed the BB Cream in Light, Mascara, Lip balm and Makeup wipes. To test these products out, i went to a Ministry Does Fitness class, where i got super sweaty undergoing an intense circuit workout (If you haven’t tried these out i would definitely recommend).

Let me start from the top, or the base layer at least. The BB cream, which comes in 4 different shades, as i mentioned i got the Light option. I’ve never actually used a BB Cream before, but I found it really easy to apply to the skin, my face didn’t feel like i had foundation on, but you could see i had a colour and glow to my face for sure! It was a nice texture and consistency on my skin and gave enough coverage to let my skin still breathe. I did apply my own blusher and highlight after the BB cream and there were no issues.


Mascara that is waterproof always scares me, i hate having to really rub my eyes to get my makeup off, project no wrinkles! The SportFX Waterproof mascara definitely lived up to its name of waterproof. Again, it was easy to apply, i didn’t have any lumps of mascara on my eyelashes, the brush had a nice curve to it to enhance volume, all in all pretty good.


Last few, i had the lip balm, which i mean is pretty simple. It has a nice smell, easy to apply, small and convenient so all in all happy bunny. The makeup wipes are adorable. They come in individual packets which is ideal if you are using them on the go, instead of having to carry around a whole pack. There is a separate wipe for eyes and face which i thought was pretty cool. The eye wipes were quite an oily texture, i have sensitive eyes and skin, so i was cautious of using these and actually tried to use my own wipes but…they didn’t work, so the wipes are very suited to getting this particular brand off! The face wipe wasn’t as oily, thankfully, but got the makeup off easily without rubbing the top layer of my skin off too!


Okay so the results, can i get a drum roll pleaseeee! I must say, i was pretty damn impressed with this makeup. After a very sweaty circuit class, my makeup…still looked on point. My face was glowing, my mascara was in tact, yes i was a little damp, but a little pat down and my face still looked radiant with even coverage. Usually i end up with half the makeup on my clothes or hands from wiping my face, mascara blobs end up around my eyes and i don’t look too pleasant. But not this time girls! I was very very happy! When i got home and had to take off the makeup, as i said i did try to use my own wipes but it wasn’t going well, so i ended up using the wipes by SportFX and again, i was stunned. I didn’t have to rub my eyes to get the makeup off anymore than normal. Yes the wipes were a little more oily than what i’m used to but they took the makeup off with ease! EASE! I would 100% use these products again, in fact i have! I would 100% recommend them to all you active gals out there. Honestly, 10/10 for SportFX, brilliant work. Not only are the products great, the branding and look of the products is stunning.


Have you tried the SportFX range? Let me know what you thought and your experience! Comment below!

V x

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