Vieve, Protein water…honest opinion!

Okay guys, so i was asked to review and try a new product on the fitness scene called Vieve. It’s basically a protein water with 20g protein which is sugar free…the first on the market i do believe!! The water is low in calories, roughly 90kcals per bottle, and is also fat free, everything you could possibly want am i correct?!

They come in three different flavours, Strawberry & Rhubarb, Coconut & Honey and Citrus, Apple & Mint. I received all of them together and they were well packaged so there was definitely no damage or leakage in transit. At first glance the bottles are very pleasing to the eye, simple, and have all the necessary information on them.

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Now i want to be completely honest in this review as i’m not going to lie to you guys if i don’t think something is a good idea. I think the Vieve water itself is a great idea and an ideal way for you to keep hydrated, whilst getting in a little extra protein. I was a little nervous about trying the product as i have a sensitive stomach and things which are very sweet or rich can aggravate it! But none the less i was going to them a go!

The first flavour i tried was Strawberry & Rhubarb. It is a very sweet flavour and this was my number one out of the three! It has a sweet and strong flavour. Personally i couldn’t drink it just on it’s own, i actually mixed it with a litre of water which made it a lot easier to drink, but then i don’t drink squash or fruit juice on a regular basis! Once diluted, the flavour wasn’t as strong and i actually enjoyed it a lot more! I think that it would be a great idea to mix half the Vieve drink with 500ml water and then it means your still getting that extra protein, whilst keeping yourself hydrated!

Second flavour was the Citrus, Apple & Mint. I have to say that when i first read that concoction i was not so sure! I like apple juice, but i am not a fan of mint flavoured things…unless it’s a mojito! I can’t deny, i wasn’t a huge fan. I took a few sips as i wasn’t 100% sure of my opinion, but, unfortunately, it was a no from me! I think it was a tad to citrus and mint flavoured for my likings. Maybe if it was a mix of more simple flavours this would have tickled my taste buds.

Thirdly was Coconut & Honey…what do i say about this one. To be fair, it tastes a lot nicer than it smells! When i first opened the bottle and had a whiff, i was terrified to try it. It reminded me of medicine you have when you are ill, sorry Vieve! However, I was pleasantly surprised! I think the two flavours compliment each other and not one over powers the other, they work really nicely. If you are someone who likes coconut water you will most probably like this flavour the most.

Overall i would give each flavour:

Strawberry & Rhubarb 8/10

Citrus, Apple & Mint 4/10

Coconut & Honey 6/10

For me, and my personal taste, i would use them as an extra flavour to add to my water through the day, or whilst i was training. They can be drank on their own but if you are like me and are used to water you might want to dilute them a little! I think a berry flavour mix would be immense, so you never know, Vieve, subtle hint there!


All in all, i think the product itself is great. They have very few calories and are all protein! They are great for people who struggle to get their protein intake and are on the go all day. Also, if you aren’t a fan of milky whey protein this might be your perfect alternative!

If you aren’t sure how much protein you should be eating have a read of my last blog post ‘How much protein do you need’. If you have any questions about the product drop a comment below, or if you have tried them i’d love to know which your favourite flavour was!

V x


  1. Sophie
    October 18, 2017 / 9:26 pm

    Nice and well detailed write up. Keep it up!?

  2. getoutandseestuff
    October 27, 2017 / 9:06 am

    It’s great to read an honest review in a world of bloggers who tend to please brands through fear of upsetting the relationship. I think I’ll give them a go as I do like fruit juices and cordial.

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