Myo-Fascial Release…a.k.a Foam Rolling

Self-Myofascial release. You know what i mean don’t you? Well, i didn’t have a clue what that was when i first heard of it, so let me explain a little more. It can also be known as foam rolling…with me anymore now? Great! Personally i think foam rolling is soooo beneficial for all types of people, as we all get them tight areas don’t we! Therapists use them, athletes and even myself for clients and personal use. It’s a simple thing to do and a bit more interesting than stretching, and cumon, we all ‘forget’ to stretch!

Foam rolling is used to basically iron out the knots or tension points we have in our muscles. You simply use the roller like a massager and allow pressure onto the point of tension and it will break down the knot giving you pain. Now, i’m not going to lie and say it’s a particularly relaxing, because it’s not, it can in fact be quite painful depending on how tight you are, but the benefits you will get are amazing. Using a foam roller 2-3 times a week will massively improve your range of motion and flexibility. It’s like having a deep tissue massage however you can pin point exactly where the pain is and slowly release it. By foam rolling you are allowing more blood to the muscles which in turn, aids recovery.

There are all types of rollers, there are even balls, so if you have a spot which is hard to get to, or you just want some extra pressure on it, try using a cricket ball to get deep into the knot and release the pain. Thats what foam rolling is all about. It’s not nice while it happens but the benefits after are huge so as they say, no pain no gain!! When you are rolling on your lovely foam roller, when you find that specific spot causing you pain, just do small rolling motions targeting that certain area until it eases slightly. It could take anything up to 2 minutes. Just take your time and be patient.

If you’re still not sure on how to use a foam roller, check out my YouTube channel where i explain and show you exactly how to do it. I’ve also listed below some items that i would recommend if you are looking to purchase a foam roller, which personally i would definitely say you do, especially if you do a lot of training or are just pretty tight in some areas! I use a flat edge roller as i feel it’s more of an even surface spread on the muscle! If you have any questions please comment below, i’d also love to know your thoughts and experiences of using foam rollers…

Physique Foam Roller 90cm

PhysioWorld Foam Roller 90cm

Reflexology Ball

Trigger Point Massage Ball 

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  1. September 22, 2017 / 5:49 pm

    I have never been brave enough!

    • September 22, 2017 / 5:57 pm

      Give it a go and you’ll feel the benefits 🙂

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