My top 5 places I want to visit

After being away for the last 5 months, it’s made me realise how much i love seeing the world. So, i thought i would come up with my top 5 travel destinations which are on my list of places to visit. They aren’t in any particular order by the way, just amazing places i would love to go. Lets get straight into it…

  1. Tokyo

I have always been fascinated with the culture and atmosphere of Japan, not only Tokyo! But the city looks amazing. I’ve been to New York and it’s probably one of my favourite places, but Tokyo just looks like its on a whooooole new level. Whenever i see the city on television i am just can not get over the crazy lights and the insane amount of people on the streets. I would probably get lost in a city like this, mentally and literally!!

2. Great Barrier Reef – Australia

Under the sea is a completely different world. It’s sheer beauty and wildlife is something no one can imagine. The pictures i’ve seen i could just gaze at all day. I love the sea. I think it’s a mystery world. I’ve always wanted to dive and i think doing it here in the Great Barrier Reef would definitely put a HUGE tick off the bucket list. It’s known for its varied wildlife and endangered species so being in such sacred waters would be phenomenal.

3. Iceland

Mainly for the Northern Lights and the Blue Lagoon, Iceland has always been in my top 5 places to go. It may be a tiny country, but a b e a uuuuutiful one. Of course, it’s not promised that you will see the Northern Lights here, but there is a good chance if you go at the right time of the year, which is from September to mid April when the country nights are at the darkest. I just have a thing for space and stars (those that know me will know i’m a bit of a space geek!). I would love to travel around the country, seeing as it’s pretty small i think it’s possible. The capital Reykjavik, looks so quaint like it could be out of a movie.

4. African Safari

Who doesn’t want to go on a safari?! A place where wild animals are in their natural surroundings instead of in a zoo. Something that not everyone can see. The adrenaline of not knowing what is going to happen, or what you are going to see is exciting. My favourite animal is a Giraffe. I saw a programme on the TV once of a hotel call Giraffe Manor, where you can stay and Giraffes will come to your room window to be fed and greet you. I mean…cumon, how amazing is that?! Just google it and have a look for yourself…that’s if you like animals and Giraffes!

5. Roadtrip USA

I know this might sound really basic and oh so standard, but since the first time i went to America i’ve always wanted to do a roadtrip over there. Not route 66, but a few weeks down the east coast, fly over to the west and do west coast. Driving in an old style camper van or a big AF Jeep, or mustang, something cool. I love being by the coast line and all the cities i want to visit are on the coast, so makes sense! It’s still something i would love do to, i love the country and it’s just so big you have to spend some time there. Think it would be good to compare the 2 coast lines too. I know people say they are very different, i’d like to see for myself!

So there you are! My top 5 places i would like to visit. I mean the list could go on and on, but out of everywhere in the world they are top 5 for sure. I’d love to go lots of places in the UK which i have still not been, which is ridic i know, but i just never get round to going, places like the Lake District is meant to be beautiful! A long weekend up there exploring would be fab! If you guys have any recommendations on beautiful fun places to visit comment below and i’ll get googling!

V x

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