Why do you go to the gym? To look or feel good?

Going to the gym 4-5 times a week for an hour or so, people expect to see visual results quite quickly, don’t get me wrong you will, over time, if you are eating and training right! But i really wanted to write this blog post to ask you…Why do you go to the gym? Is it just to look good? For those moments that you are out and want a photo? Or is it for the time when you are on holiday parading around in a bikini? That’s okay if that is the case. But think about the negative image you are portraying. You are only going to the gym for aesthetic reasons. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing. I’m just saying maybe change your mindset slightly. Why do you have to look a certain way? Why is there such a thing called a bikini body?? Surely a bikini body is a body with a bikini on…? No? Maybe that’s just my mindset. But really have a think about that.

Lots of people, including myself, use the gym as an escape. It’s somewhere i can just be in my own world, have my own time, it’s therapy. Time to just do my best at something i love, which is lifting. Which has made me think recently about what i want to do after my season. I love lifting and being in the fitness industry. I am in such a better mind set than i was this time last year. I look at photos of this time last year and i just see an empty person. My life had just disappeared. To be honest i can’t even remember much of last year, either i’ve blocked it out on purpose or i was just in that much of a daze. Now i understand people who use the gym as therapy, as that’s what it became for me. At first yes, it was somewhere i HAD to go to look good. But now, it’s all about feeling good, mentally and physically. I’m so much more of a stronger person, that’s not just down to going to the gym, but it’s because of a change of mindset. Not allowing those comments to get you down. Now, i know i still haven’t explained in full what my past has entailed, but i will one day. I’ve actually written a blog post but i’m just not ready to post it quite yet. But, back to my plans. I’ve got some ideas of what i want to do when i am back from my season, seeing as i’m in a better mindset and a stronger person all together. I don’t want to reveal it just yet as i will probably reveal all on YouTube and…maybe i’ll even do a series, because, you know, you can do whatever you like!

But i just wanted to reach out there and remind people that going to the gym isn’t just about looking good, or looking a certain way, it’s about the way it makes you feel. If it makes you feel good, which it should after the release of endorphins, keep doing it. You need to do something you are passionate about. But, at the moment, I’m in 2 minds. If i want to do down the rehab/therapy route or go down the strength and conditioning route. I love both but they are very different!! So if you guys have any experience in either area i would love to know! Or, if you’ve done any courses or know anyone that has, again, please comment below!! Both of the routes i mentioned are all about making people feel good in themselves. That’s the message i want to spread!

V x


  1. October 28, 2017 / 11:09 am

    I go to the gym to look AND feel good. I hated going to the gym before, because my sole purpose for going was to look better. Once I started resistance training, instead of 1 hour on the treadmill, I found the gym to be my safe haven and it eased my anxiety. Now I go to the gym to feel good, but as I watch my body transform through my hard work, it makes me feel even better.

    • October 28, 2017 / 11:10 am

      So glad you found that transition it’s all about body confidence ?

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