Should you become a Personal Trainer?

So have you been thinking about doing a Personal Training course? Like the idea of being in the gym all day? Working for yourself? Well, i’m here, as always, to tell you the do’s and don’t’s of becoming a personal trainer, the reasons you should and shouldn’t complete that 6 week intense course.

For many people, they assume that being a personal trainer is easy. They see it as almost an ideal job. For some, it is. Yes you have benefits, but if you’ve been thinking about completing that 6 week intense course, or online course, please, for everyones sake, really think if this is what you want. Being a personal trainer is hard work. You work long unsociable hours and it takes a long time for you to build a reputation and earn the money you want. It’s hard graft! Not to sound like a negative nelly because i absolutely love it. I enjoy helping people. That’s why i became a qualified personal trainer, because i wanted to help people love themselves and enjoy the process. The feeling i get seeing a client smash a personal best and achieve their goals is amazing. You get to meet so many different people all chasing different goals. Which might sound weird but it’s true. People look up to you for knowledge and assistance. It’s something you have to be passionate about. Now, i know i love my job, i’ve met people who share my passion too. But, i can’t stress enough you have to know the truth. It’s hard finding the balance of work and life. I used to start work at 6am and not leave until 10pm some days. Yes i had a gap for a few hours in between, but i would be busy either training myself or preparing other sessions.

In the fitness industry the turn over for personal trainers is HUGE. Unfortunately. I’ve met people who have been interested in being becoming a PT and the first question i ask is why? Why do you want to be a personal trainer? If their answer is because they love going to the gym…well, my reaction isn’t great. Yes, as a PT you are usually based in a gym, but you are there to work and HELP PEOPLE, not to train yourself. Your first priority in personal training is your clients, they come first. Their goals are your goals. You should want to help them and make sure they are getting the best possible results. Clients shouldn’t be getting beasted every session, it should be thought out, planned and in relation with their goals. Not just for you to have fun and make the session look good to other potential clients. Your session is always being watched no matter what you are doing, bear that in mind for those that usually stand on their phone for most of the set. Be involved in the session, in getting that extra rep, or extra minute. You are there to motivate and push people, so do that. After all, they are paying you for that!

So before paying all that hard earned money to become a personal trainer, really think as to why you want to be a PT and what you want from the job. Write it down. Assess. Act. If it’s the right thing to do and you share my passion, that is awesome and i’d love to hear from you! If you decide not, that’s okay, you’ve done the right thing, just carry on enjoying your gym sessions. If you have any questions relating to my course or how i found becoming a PT, drop a comment below!!

V x

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