#fitspiration Good or Bad?

#fitspiration, a hashtag meant to inspire people to get into the fitness industry, but does it work? Do you use it? It’s a hashtag used all over Instagram. But what is it really doing to the world of today?

Social media is such a powerful thing you have to careful of what you preach and make sure there is evidence behind what you are saying. In society today body image is huge. The majority of children feeling under pressure to look a certain way is shocking. Now there are children as young as 6 affected by eating disorders. Appalling right?! So why is this happening? I’m not saying that social media is the cause of this, or that this hashtag in particular is the cause, but is it really supporting positive body image in children? How many children do you know under the age of 10 who have iPhones, have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? They all have access to the Internet. Which again, isn’t bad, but we need to promote healthy bodies and that we should look at ourselves in a positive way, not make children feel pressurised to exercise so they can look like their favourite insta model! And if they don’t look like an insta model then that’s okay, love yourself for you no matter what. Children, nor adults, should compare themselves to another person. This body dissatisfaction and comparison is what leads to so many people being diagnosed with eating disorders and mental health issues. Children are saying ‘I wish I looked like her’ and that they ‘want the perfect body’, when what is perfect? It’s different in everyone’s eyes, but they are instantly looking at their body in a negative way which isn’t healthy. I understand not everyone can be 100% happy with themselves, we all have those moments of dissatisfaction, but when a person has mental health problems linked with an eating disorder, it can become a lot worse in their mind. People need to stop promoting ‘healthy’ diets, the shake diet and the no carb diet, when neither are healthy or maintainable. If you want to know more about diets check out my blog post about which ‘diet’ you should do!

The hashtag #fitspiration shares over 2 billion images daily. That’s a lot of people! The cycle so far has gone from aiming to look size 0 to now gaining muscle and being strong. Which is great, but children don’t understand that to achieve that physique it takes years of training, well balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. We need to teach children that it’s a healthy lifestyle, not something you can achieve in a few weeks or months. It takes time, consistency and enjoyment! #fitspiration should be about inspiring people to get involved in sport and fitness, not getting them disheartened about the way they look. Sport and fitness is all about enjoying it. If you don’t enjoy going into the gym, find something else like swimming or fitness classes that you enjoy to get your sweat on. Don’t feel you have to follow a certain routine or restrict you’re eating, you just need to change the way you look at exercise and yourself, change it in a positive way.

I’m sorry if I’ve rambled on a bit there guys, it’s just something I’m very passionate about and is close to my heart. I hope that came across. Social media is to inspire not defeat. That’s all I’m trying to do.

V x


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