Compete? Or not Compete? My thoughts on fitness competitions…

It’s that time of the year when you scroll through your Instagram feed and it’ll be flooded with picture after picture of tanned beautiful bodies posing on stage in a bikini during a competition. It’s such an accomplishment to stand on that stage after all the hard work put in and i truly admire people that do. As you guys know, if you have read my previous blog posts, this time last year i was prepping to do exactly that. But, unfortunately, i got wrapped up in it a little too much and it took over my life…we won’t dwell too far into that though aye, we will keep this post light hearted!

Many fitness fanatics have thought about prepping for a show or a shoot, it’s something i still think about. But then the prep has to be for the right reasons. I’ll be honest and admit that when i was prepping, the only reason i was doing it was because i wanted to look like the people i follow on Instagram. I was very insecure and unhappy with the way i looked. I thought that doing a competition and changing my body drastically would make me happy, but doing a prep actually made me feel more unhappy than when i started. Competing shouldn’t be about changing your body to make you happy. Competing should be about being proud of who you are and what you’ve achieved so far, no matter how far into your fitness journey you are (even if that is majorly cringe, it’s true).

I can’t sit here and say that competing is good or bad thing. You just need to make sure you are mentally prepared for it and have supportive people around you. Trust me when i say, it’s not an easy thing to do. Daily macro counting, food prep, heavy weight sessions 5 times a week, intense cardio 3 times a week, all on top of your daily schedule. It’s a lot to take on, but i’m not saying that to turn you off, it is achievable, i just want you guys to realise the intensity of it. I’m saying it to be honest as everyone thinks it’s an easy thing to do! You do get to wear a beautiful bikini on stage too so there are of course just as many positives! This was the bikini i had made and i still love it!! It’s amazing!! Maybe one day i get to wear it for something…


Also! Please keep in mind that when people compete they will only look that lean for the competition day. It’s not healthy to be competition lean all year round. Lets face it, who wants to be that lean 24/7?! It would be mentally tiring, extremely hard work, AND not healthy! Cumon now guys, we all like a break and a bit of cake here and there right?! If you say no to that…well…you obviously haven’t tried the right type of cakes!

Of course there is no harm in aspiring to be healthier and set yourself goals, but make them realistic and right for you. Don’t aspire to look like a certain person because you are you. Be proud of that. Still work hard in the gym but don’t compare yourself to anyone else, just look at how far you have come. Competitions are a great way to test yourself, but it can also test you to your limits and you need to be mentally strong. When you scroll through Instagram, use it as motivation for the gym, not something that makes you feel defeated.

I will explain my competition prep all in more detail in the future but right now i’m not quite ready to explain it in full. I’ve talked about many things that i’ve been through during prep so i’m sure you guys are already pretty aware!

Ending this on a positive life being happy and accepting you for you. Because there is no one else like you in the whole world, thats pretty amazing.

V x

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