You know you love them…press ups!

Press ups. A basic bodyweight movement. Now i will admit that before i was a personal trainer i avoided press ups because i knew i couldn’t do them, and didn’t want to be seen trying to do them and failing, so i know where you guys are at if you’re reading this. A Press up is something which takes time and patience. Just like everything in fitness, it’s always a journey. A full Press up can be a challenging thing to achieve as naturally women are weaker in their upper body. We have less muscle mass than men and most females are worried if they train their upper body they will get ‘bulky’ or ‘too muscly’, this WON’T HAPPEN, i won’t go into it too much as that’s all for another blog!

Let me tell you now, when you do your first full press up with good form you will feel amazing. The sense of achievement is phenomenal. I always remember one of my clients always struggled with press up then one day after a few months of training, she just banged them out like it was nothing. I was, and am still, so proud of her!

Okay, so for the science part. When you do a press up, you use A LOT of the muscles in your body. The dominant muscles used are the chest muscles, but the muscles in your shoulders, arms and core are all assisting aswell. There are lots of different variations which can all help to performing a full press up, so don’t be thinking that if you are doing press ups on your knees at the moment that it’s not going to help. It will. Making sure your technique is good when doing a half press up will strengthen the same muscles used when doing a full press up. Start small and slowly work up.

Start with half press ups. Once you find you can easily perform 20 half press ups, move to incline press ups. So, use a chair or something at waist height, and go go go. Again, once you find you can easily do 20 incline press ups, move down to the floor. Just try 3 sets of as many press ups as you can. Increase the amount of press ups each week by 2 and you will find your strength will improve by miles. It might sound like a long process but this really does work, so please be patient.

I’d love to know how you guys get on with this, so comment below to let me know you’re progress!

V x

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