I joined a gym…my leg workout!

Okay, so i know I’m the sports and fitness host whilst i am away, which means i will be doing a lot of exercise, but i really wanted to join a gym whilst i was here so that i could keep up my weight training, as all the classes i teach are more cardio based. So i thought i would share it with you, my lovely readers, to let you know one of my workouts that i’ve done so far.

I had a look in the local area and found a few different gyms that weren’t too far away. But the one i have joined is amazing! It’s called Fitness Club Anton’s Gym. It’s only a 10 minute drive away from our apartments, which is perfect, it’s equipment is great and the vibe is just like my gym at home. It’s a mix of weights and crossfit so it has all that equipment too, but i am going to admit i don’t really have clue how to use! But that’s not a problem i have all the other bits and bobs right!? Ill try and experiment with the crossfit shiz!

anton gym.jpg

Also, i just want to point out that the price monthly is so cheap! I’ve paid €120 for the whole season which i think is incredibleee! I’ll be able to use it in my free time as i have 1 whole day off and also a half day to myself. I finish pretty early too, which is amazing news! It’s looking like i will start at 9am and finish around 6pm on the days that i work.

Right, so back to the workout. I decided to train legs as it seemed to be international chest day and all the men were in the dumbbell area so it seemed logical to use the space and do something i am most confident in, AND i love training legs so it was pretty much a win win situation going on guys! I started with a medium weight as i had a week off from training, but i did feel good once i was back into it.


Front Squat 4×8

Romanian Deadlifts 4×10

Walking Barbell Lunges (one set with weight, straight into bodyweight lunges) 3×10 per leg

Leg curl 3×10

You know when you train with someone and end up having, like no rest…well that was me and it definitely made me work harder and get a proper sweat on! It’s also a lot more fun, so if you struggle to motivate yourself to train, try and go with someone to help you through your session!

Give the workout a go and let me know how you get on, i’d love to know how you are feeling afterwards and also the next day…if you get them DOMS you’ve done it right *high five emoji*.

V x

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