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It’s a question that has come up recently, how do i stay motivated to go to the gym? Well, keeping motivated isn’t something that comes easy for a lot of people. Everyone, including me, has them days when i just don’t want to go to the gym, even though i love it. I would prefer to lay in bed and be a sloth. But, really, i know in myself, that if i do that i will feel a tad crappy for the rest of the day. Motivation isn’t something that you are born with or can get magically, it’s something you have to train your mind to do. Your mind is a powerful thing lets not forget!

My first tip to staying motivated. Get up early. If you get up early, smash a gym session, you are more likely to have a productive day. That’s one thing that i have found in the last few months. If i mong about for the morning, being a sloth, there is no way that i will be going to the gym later. Get up early and start the day as you mean to go on. It’s just that feeling of, getting up early, feeling proud you’ve smashed an early morning gym sesh, you’ve eaten well, so naturally you will carry on with the positive vibes and get stuff done! I am living proof of this. Try it for a week or so and see how you get on.

Try everything! I know the gym can be daunting but just try and mix up your workouts. Try classes, swimming, cycle rides outside, there are SO many different things you can do to keep active. Once you’ve done it once, you will feel so proud and invincible, that you will want to do it over and over. This way you will also get to find the things you enjoy. Not everyone enjoys swimming up and down for 20 minutes, but how about aqua aerobics?! It’s a giggle and a great low impact option for any injury prone people out there!


Write a list. Either daily lists, or a weekly list of things you want to achieve. Make sure they are realistic goals as you don’t want to get disheartened. Start small. Maybe to drink 1 litre a day for the next week. Only have chocolate on 2 days this week. Get off a stop early on the tube and walk the rest of the way to work on 2 days. These are simple things that anyone can do. Once you’ve completed that week just step it up the week after to say 3 days. Slow progression is still progression. This way, each day/week that goes by, you feel like you are accomplishing something, helping you to keep motivated everyday.

Schedule in some time during the week where you just have some ‘me time’. You need time to relax and unwind from a busy day. Do something you enjoy and are passionate about. For me, that’s going to the gym. It’s somewhere i can escape into my own world and just be with my music. For others i can appreciate it might not be the gym. Read a book, go for a walk, have a candle light bath, anything you find brings you at peace with life and makes you feel content. We all need to treat ourselves to some ‘me time’ right?!

Everyday, i want you to remind yourself why you are doing this. Why are you going to the gym? Why are you trying to drink more water? Why do you want to be more motivated? Is it to get yourself a healthy balanced lifestyle? That’s awesome!! Don’t let anyone stop you because you can do this. But remember, it’s all about balance. So don’t put pressure on yourself if you haven’t been to the gym one day, you need to enjoy the process or you’ll give up. Mix up your workouts and listen to your body.

Motivation is something we all have, some of us just struggle to find it. But i believe in every single one of you that you can reach your goal no matter how big. If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough. So, get setting your goals and be passionate about them. After all, the sky is the limit.

Comment below to let me know what goals you are working towards, i’d love to know!!

V x

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