Why did i do burpees around London?

So if you read one of my previous blog posts on challenging ourselves, you will know exactly why i did burpees. But if not don’t worry, i got you covered!

Sunday 2nd April. A sunny day with blue skies, a light breeze and a busy London. The perfect day for a fitness challenge to help raise awareness for Anxiety UK. Starting early, we made our way to the cutty sark, Greenwich, where it was fairly quiet and a good place to build up our burpee confidence.

Now, today wasn’t just to raise awareness for Anxiety UK as a charity, but to also step out of our own comfort zone, challenging ourselves to be a centre of attention, of which we most certainly felt. I wasn’t forcing anyone to do something they didn’t want, i simply wanted it to be an event where people felt comfortable and confident enough to do something they haven’t done before. I believe we achieved that. So in my eyes it was a successful day.

Roaming around London when it’s at it’s busiest isn’t exactly easy at the best of times, let alone finding a space big enough to perform burpees, but there was no moaning, just support and positive vibes which was amazing!


I had pre-planned our route and it was so nice just strolling from one landmark to the next in the sunshine having a chat and giggle. So, as i said, we started in Greenwich (which is where i live), went onto London bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, London Eye, Buckingham Palace and finishing in Trafalgar square. I did also want to get a shot with Big Ben, but with the recent circumstances i didn’t feel it was quite right, almost disrespectful, so we skipped that one. In total we did burpees at 8 major landmarks. Yes we got strange looks, but did we let it bother us, NO, because that is what today was all about. Learning to not care about others opinions and step out of our anxiety barrier. I am so proud of the people that joined me. I know in myself that at times i was feeling very anxious, i just tried to focus on what i was doing and forget the people around me, which i always find helps. I know at times others were anxious but everyone done something they wouldn’t usually do, which is such an achievement.


Today as a whole really meant a lot to me. Anxiety is something i really want more people to know about. Something i want people to feel they can talk about. You have to try and step out of your comfort zone at least once everyday to grow as a person instead of running away from the fears. Anxiety is a HUGE obstacle which stops people from growing. But once that is broken, a whole new world (just as Aladdin says), will become clear, you do you. Do what you want to make you happy without worrying what others think.

I just want to say a big big thank you to the people who joined me on our route, Anxiety UK for providing leaflets and adding support and the people of London who gave us a cheer! Thank You, it means the world!!

If you want to know more about anxiety, or want some help, have a look on the Anxiety UK website where there is so much information to assist you. Also, please comment below and let me know if i can help in any way, i’d love to hear from you guys.

V x


  1. getoutandseestuff
    April 7, 2017 / 11:46 am

    Well done, this is a fun idea and I’m all for helping raise aweness of anxiety and other mental health problems.

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