How to lose that annoying little muffin top!

First of all let me just clarify that in order to lose fat, which the muffin top is, you need to be on a healthy balanced diet and exercising regularly. However, there are still ways that you can get that little bit of muffin top a bit firmer! It’s every girls annoying body part, that’s if you have it, which is pretty normal if you do, so you are not alone! When you get that perfect pair of jeans and a beautiful fitting top but then you turn to the side and back and realise theres something not quite right about the outfit choice anymore. You don’t want to be having to wear spanx everyday. Furthermore, you want to feel comfortable wearing a bikini that has a nice fit without any awkward over hang.

Just follow my below routine twice a week and you will slowly but surely see the differences in a few weeks. It’s simple and doesn’t use any equipment. Feel free to add in some weights to make it a little harder in time though! It’ll take you less than 10 minutes and you will be feeling the burn thats for sure! Trust me! I done this and i was on fire. Remember though guys, just like everything in fitness, be patient and keep motivated. I know this is easier said then done, but if you do struggle with motivation have a read of my blog post ‘how to stay motivated in February’, i know it’s not February but it’s pretty generalised for every month! Also comment below to let me know if you have tried this out and how you found it, i’d love to know!! I have also posted a video on YouTube, scroll below, with all the exercises so go watch that and give it a thumbs up, it’d be much appreciated 🙂

30 seconds

  1. Bicycle crunches
  2. Glute bridge hold, walk each leg out then back in one at a time
  3. Oblique twists
  4. Rolling side plank
  5. Side plank hip raise (30 seconds each side)
  6. Plank alternating leg lifts (squeeze glutes)


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