Fabletics Review…yay or nay?

I think this is one of the most important posts i’ve done in a while. The blog that will all change your lives. The blog that will have the most impact…my Fabletics review. Okay, maybe not the most important post but it’s 100% worth a read, if anything just go and watch my youtube video below if you prefer that sort of thanggggg.

I wanted to treat myself the other week but i didn’t want to spend a ridiculous amount on gym clothes which would usually be the case. So i thought i’d have a look on Fabletics. Now it’s my first time purchasing activewear from this site but my oh my i would definitely be shopping there again. With your first purchase you get your first outfit for…drum roll please…£20!!! A whole outfit for £20. Yes. I’m being serious. It really is amazing. I found an outfit which i liked and ordered thinking that maybe the quality wasn’t going to be that great seeing as i got it all so cheaply. I ordered the Lisette high waisted legging in a small, the Mandy seamless midi bra in a medium and the jumper which came with the outfit i ordered in a medium too. A few days past and my package had arrived.

When i opened up my package i was honestly, stunned. The sheer quality of these items are amazing. The leggings were a great fit, grey in colour, material was thick but breathable and just to be clear, i made sure they were squat proof. They fitted like a glove and i love that they are high waisted. These are my first proper pair of high waisted leggings and i am in love. I want to wear them all the time. They are super comfy and flattering and do not rise down when you do leg exercises. I think i got all the essential points in there!

Girls with larger breasts, me being one of them, always struggle to find pretty sports bras. Most sports bras for bigger busted gals are, well, ugly. They usually have huge straps where you don’t feel like you can breathe. For a change, i thought i would be adventurous and buy a sports bra with a pretty back. This is such a cute sports bra. The baby pink colour is just beautiful and the detailing on the back is stunning. I wouldn’t do cardio in this however, as there is rather little or no support for the bangers!

Who doesn’t want to be cosy yet stylish in the gym. This jumper feels like cashmere. I’m not exaggerating either. It’s so soft and cosy i could wear it all the time, i didn’t want to train in it as it’s too nice! The open back and knot detail compliment the sports bra and for once in my life the sleeves fit me…hallelujah!!

As a whole i would 1 million percent recommend this outfit, or just have a scroll on fabletics.com and i have no doubt you will find something you want…or many things! For your first outfit being £20 it’s really a no brainer! Comment below if you get anything and what you get!!

V x

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