Pancake day means Protein Pancakes of course!

I can safely say that i don’t think i know anyone who doesn’t like pancakes…comment below if you don’t like pancakes and that will change everything! At this time of year shops stock up on pancakes and toppings all for us to indulge in. However, sometimes we want something a little bit more macronutrient friendly right?!

So i was scrolling through the internet and instagram, to find some easy recipes which aren’t seriously calorific or use a tonne of ingredients. I wanted to mainly used foods which i have in my cupboard, meaning i wouldn’t have to go and buy unnecessary items. I kind of just found a recipe and altered it to what i have. But before i go into the pancakes themselves and how to make them, can i just say that these were by far the best protein pancakes i’ve ever made. They were cakey, chocolaty and just the perfect consistency! I don’t mean to brag but honestly these are far better than any protein pancake mix i’ve tried in the past! I simply blended all the ingredients together in a food processor then poured the mixture into a hot pan. It made roughly 4 medium size pancakes i would say, although the first 2 were pretty small as i usually just majorly fail at making pancakes! I just topped it with zero calorie chocolate caramel sauce, also from Bulk Powders and some raspberries. For a total of 390 calories, 35g protein, 21g carbs and 8g fat, HEAVENLY!

But enough of me rambling on, you just need to have a try and see for yourself! So here it is, can i introduce the best cakes protein pancakes ever…well in my opinion!

30g Oats

100ml Water

1 scoop of chocolate casein (i used Bulk Powders)

1 whole egg

1 tsp coco powder

1/2 tsp baking powder

Give this a try and let me know your thoughts…am i just exaggerating or do you agree?

V x

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