Upper body workout/EPIC gym fail

So, my lovely friends, i recently posted a YouTube Video which i am starting as a series all about the journey to loving yourself. It’s a HUGE passion of mine and it’s something that i’ve been thinking about starting for a while seeing as everyone is on a journey but at different points. I wanted to document it simply to help people hopefully step out of their comfort zone and just realise even people that come across as confident on social media, have their issues too! No one is perfect or 100% happy with the way they look.

But, combined with me giving the intro to my series i completed an upper body workout which i’m going to explain for you now, theres a funny story involved too!! Seriously. I always get a little flustered and anxious when i’m feeling so i really have to concentrate on my breathing when working out.

I always like to warm up my shoulder joints before i start any upper body workout. I had an accident and got bad whiplash in October last year and i noticed that making sure my joints are warm really helped me with the rehab of my shoulder. Using a light dumbbell, 2.5kg, i performed 15 single arm shoulder press into 10 lateral raises, then switched arms. Keeping with this weight, i did 10 rotator cuff exercises keeping my elbow at the same position and making sure the movement is controlled.

After i was warm, i had my favourite tunes blaring into my ears, BCAA’s at the ready, let the workout begin! DB Chest press, one exercise where i have really seen my strength grow! When i injured my shoulder i found this exercise really hard to perform so being able to get good technique and with a good weight i am thrilled! I did 3 sets of 12 with 15kg in each arm.

Time for a superset! Two exercises performed one after the other with little or no rest in between each exercise, just rest after the set! Okay, so, i grabbed an olympic bar (when i say grab i mean went to the rack), my superset was push press into behind the neck press. I’ve done this exercise before so it’s nothing hugely new. I was feeling good after my first exercise, thats when it happened. As i pushed the bar from my shoulders to over my head, it whacked me straight in the chin. Bam. There was no denying that it hurt. I mean it was a shock trust me! I just acted as if nothing happened but the fact there was blood in my mouth i was a tad worried to say the least! But you know, i’m all good and i’m alive, nothing cracked or even bruised, so far…I still managed to get out 4 sets with 8 reps, with the 20kg bar which i so kindly forced straight into my chin! To see this in action go check out my youtube video which i will insert here

Moving onto the boulder shoulders, if only! Shoulders are one of the main things that i like to focus on, including the peach! I find it hard to build my shoulders so i try and do them at least twice a week. Another superset, this one went a lot smoother than the last! Single arm lateral raise into single arm rear delt raise both using a 4kg dumbbell doing 10 reps of each for 4 sets. I prefer doing this exercise single armed as i feel i can really concentrate on the muscle more and get that mind to muscle connection. I can focus on technique and make sure i’m getting the most out of the movement as possible. I find that if i do lateral raises using both arms my form goes a little and i cant go as heavy!

Feel that burn. I wanted to burn out my shoulders as much as possible. Drop set here i come. A drop set is 1 set where you will use a heavy weight and do as many reps as possible, then get a lighter weight and perform as many reps as possible eventually using no weight or very little. My drop set was seated dumbbell shoulder press. I started at 10kg in each arm, dropped to 7.5kg, 5kg then finishing with 2.5kg in each arm and believe me when i say my arms were on FIRE. In a good way of course.

Now those ‘bingo wings’ as most girls call them. I don’t have them, yet, but i’m sure just like many older women i will when i get to that age…but lets not think about that just yet shall we! I’ve never done this superset, yes another one, before but i really enjoyed it! I performed assisted dips for 10 reps, into tricep pushdown for 10 reps and i was really struggling by the third set!

The finisher!! I’ll be honest and say that doing abs really isn’t my favourite thing to do. I mean after i’ve done a hard workout the last thing i want to do is abs but i’m trying to force myself to do it as when i do i feel good about myself. I went for cable woodchops, 10 reps per side for 3 sets. I used a medium weight to make sure that i still had good technique as i didn’t want to feel any pressure in my back just my core and obliques.

Woohoo!! Finished! Apart from the epic gym fail, seriously epic gym fail, the rest of the workout was rather good! I got a good pump and sweat on and i felt good after. It’s rare if i ever feel bad after a workout after the release of all those happy endorphins! I have done a previous blog on that so go check it out too! Give this workout a go, ideally without whacking your chin with a 20kg bar, see how you feel and let me know! Comment below if you have any epic gym fails, need to make myself feel a bit better haha!!


V x

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