The truth about Abs…

Probably one of the most common questions asked in the fitness industry. How to get abs and a flat stomach. Everyone wants a simple quick fix which they can do within a week and be done with it. Or even something you can do over night right? I mean theres waist trainers and slendertone machines which are all meant to give you that desired flat stomach look. I hate to be that person to burst your bubble but there are no quick fixes. Doing 1000 sit ups a day will NOT get you abs.

I will openly admit that i ALWAYS wanted abs. I mean who wouldn’t?! The dreams of having a flat stomach was my heaven. It had always been something i wanted to change and had tried numerous times. Even at my lowest weight i wasn’t happy with the way my stomach looked, i expected to have abs and i didn’t.

Abs are hard work. Not only do you need to be on an extensive exercise regime, but a strict diet plan too. Sometimes even this won’t get you the desired look you are dreaming of. Having abs comes down to genetics too. There are a minority of people who will just have abs naturally, the very lucky people! The people you see shredded on the front of magazines have been dieting for months to look like that for a few short days or weeks if they are lucky. It’s definitely not maintainable to have shredded abs all day everyday as your body fat needs to be incredibly low and we all know that isn’t good for your health! Depending on where you store your fat will depend if you can ever have defined abs. For me i store my fat around my stomach so the chances of me having shredded abs is very slim, but i’ve excepted that! It doesn’t mean that i don’t train abs, because i do. It helps when performing other lifts when you have a strong core and of course it’ll tone your stomach to a degree.

I don’t want this post to be disheartening as training your abs will make a difference. You don’t need to train them everyday, just like other muscles they need to rest and recover. Training them 2-3 times a week is plenty. Mix it up and make sure you are targeting the whole core! Try doing a ab circuit mixed with HIIT cardio to get a real burn! Have a go of my circuit below and let me know how you get on! If you don’t like rowing switch it up and do sprints =]

200m Row

Weighted Crunches x20

200m Row

Leg Raises x20

200m Row

Cable Woodchops x10 per side

200m Row

Plank Hip Raise x10

200m Row

Plank Shoulder Taps

Keep strong and get a sweat on!

V x

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  1. March 3, 2017 / 5:54 pm

    I think so many people want instant gratification these days that they simply aren’t willing to put the effort in. (Like me haha) So those people that do put the effort in (like you!) deserve the reward of great abs even more ?

  2. getoutandseestuff
    March 9, 2017 / 3:45 pm

    Ohhh I’m jus off to google Cable Woodchops ha ha. I agree, everyone wants abs, not everyone will ever have them! I’d just be happy if my stomach didn’t bounce as much as my boobs ha ha !!

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