BCAAS, what are they? Why i use them

BCAA’s are Branched Chain Amino Acids. Now i won’t get too technical as i want people to understand it as much as possible and to be honest the simpler the better in my eyes!

Okay, so BCAA’s, as i’ve mentioned, are amino acids. There are different types of amino acids in the body, some of which we can produce and others we have to get from food/supplements. BCAA’s are the building blocks of the body and specifically muscles. BCAA’s improve protein synthesis and ultimately help muscle growth.

When you train, you are using up the glycogen stores in your muscles allowing you to lift. By taking BCAA’s throughout your workout will help you to get the most of your workout and reduce the risk of intense DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) the next day.

Since using BCAA’s, I have found that i can push through a heavy workout, i’ve got stronger and the soreness the days after are a lot less severe!! I would definitely recommend using BCAA’s during a workout especially if you are doing fasted cardio and it will make sure you aren’t breaking down muscle but using your fat stores instead! You can take BCAA’s in powder or in tablet form, pre, intra or even post workout. They are very versatile and making sure that you have a brand which suits you is vital. I have heard people complain about BCAA’s making them feel sick but try and different brand and flavour! I’ve been using Bulk Powders BCAA in mixed berry flavour and i can’t complain. It tastes great and mixes well with water which is always a must as no one wants lumps do they!!

If there are any other supplements you are interested to know more about comment below and i’ll get a post up soon!

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