How to stay motivated in February…

With January over it’s now February, for some it may have dragged but for me it feels like January flew by!! So, how are you sticking with your health and fitness goals? Losing the motivation? Getting bored of your regime? When it’s cold and dark outside i don’t blame you but remember, those summer bodies are made in winter!!

For some of you, you will have tried as hard as you can to beat the January blues and keep to your new years resolutions. Some of you will be going strong, some of you will be slacking and just cant be bothered anymore. But let me stop you there. If you have completed your new years resolution during January, don’t give up now! Look how far you have come. Look how far you can go.

This month, try and set yourself new goals which you would like to achieve. Short term goals. Something that you are going to achieve this month, not next month or the month after, THIS MONTH. Use February as another fresh start, just like everyday is a fresh start. Write your goal for February down and stick it somewhere noticeable like on your fridge or mirror.

If you are lacking motivation in the gym, remind yourself why you started going. Why did you want to join the gym? Even if it was for something so simple, but remind yourself of it and ask yourself have you achieved it. Even if you haven’t seen the quick results you wanted, please remember that these things take time and patience they do not happen over night! What i find motivating are photos. Progress photos to be specific. Hope you took one at some point last month, or if not you can use one from last year, ideally from summer so you can see most of your body, then you can compare each month from now! Get a fit photo of your idol and have them as your background on your phone which will make you stop eating that processed food and hit a sweaty session!

Stay in a routine. It’s that simple. Once you are out of your routine its understandably very hard to get back into it again. Set out your week knowing what you are doing each day and try and plan out your meals as best as you can.

Enjoy what you are doing! I can’t stress this enough. If you are not enjoying your gym sessions, switch them up and try something new, don’t just give up. If you aren’t enjoying your food, add some herbs and spices in, look online for recipes and try things new. Just because you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy going out and seeing friends etc., they are the moments which make you enjoy your training and food even more. Friends will give you support and they will be the ones to notice the change in how you look more than anyone. I’m not saying use your friends to get compliments, but to keep the mind and heart healthy, you need some other pleasures in life!!

So keep pushing on, stay focused and enjoy February! If there is anything specific which you are finding hard comment below and i will try my best to give you some advice, i’d love to help.

V x

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