Post Workout Shake, only 330 calories!

So, you will know from one of my previous ‘Is Protein Powder worth it?‘ blog post, that i wouldn’t usually recommend a protein shake, unless you are limited on time or just need to get in some extra protein into your diet. HOWEVER, today i did make a protein shake post workout. Why?! I hear you ask. Simply because there wasn’t much else in the cupboards and i wasn’t particularly hungry AND i had to go and walk my dog, so wanted something relatively quick.

I’ve never made this shake before but it turned out surprisingly tasty, hence why i’m writing this blog post to share with you guys! Okay, so i’ll just go straight into it, no rambling…well as little as possible!!

Blend all the above ingredients together and enjoy!! It’s only 330 calories, of which you get 31g Protein, 37g Carbs and 5g Fat which i think is just pretty darn good. So it’s great if you are watching the calories but want something sweet and filling. The taste is great, theres a hint of chocolate and honey but nothing is over powering and it was the perfect creamy consistency which was easy to drink! I used a blend active blender but you can use anything you have in the house!

Give it a go and let me know what you guys think!

V x

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