Fear of putting weight on…

Scared of putting on weight? That moment when you step onto the scales for the first time in a while and you see the weight go up. Panic floods your body. Negative comments enter your mind. You feel disappointed, hopeless and a failure. There is no point in continuing what you were doing in the gym. No point carrying on with the healthy meals. What are you doing wrong??

Many people step on the scales on a daily basis, but for some it can damaging. The fear of putting on weight and weighing yourself daily can be life threatening. Theres a chance of developing further eating disorders and self esteem plummeting. The scales are just a number. Many of you, including myself at one point, weighed myself daily. Every day no matter what, i would wake up, go for a wee and then weigh myself, hoping with every inch of me that i was lighter. Lighter meant smaller. Smaller meant prettier. The lower the numbers would go the more determined i would be to carry on and the reality of putting on weight terrified me. If you are one of these people that can get a little obsessed, like me, stop whilst you can. I’m not saying to never weigh yourself, but weighing yourself daily can have a negative impact on your mental health and just your day in general. Weight fluctuates. It will go up and down during the week, depending on water retention, if you’ve worked out, if you have had a wee or not! It’s a very sensitive thing.

It upsets me that girls these days have to live up to so much. We are expected to look and act a certain way. We are expected to be ‘thin’ and have ‘curves’ at the same time. We are expected to highlight and contour our faces, which i personally have ZERO idea on how to do it…i would end up looking beaten up or something! All of these expectations puts pressure on girls, and boys, making them petrified of putting on any weight and relying on the scales. Gaining weight doesn’t mean gaining fat. If you have been going to the gym and doing weighted sessions then you have probably built muscle! I tell all my clients, weigh yourself once a week, mainly out of curiosity and just to keep track of progress. Measurements are the way forward. If you are going to the gym and doing hard sessions with heavy weights, your physique will change. Measurements are the best way to noticeably track the progress. You will gain weight if you are building muscle! I’ll repeat that again, you WILL gain weight if you are building muscle. You will lose fat. So don’t listen to those scales if your measurements say you’ve lost inches.

I don’t weigh myself hardly ever. For me, i know in myself that it’ll have a negative impact on my day and on my mood. I will every month or so just weigh myself out of curiosity. Thats all it is. Thats all it’ll ever be, unless i’m prepping for something in particular. The mirror and measurements do not lie. So if you struggle with this too, comment below and let me know if you have any tips or if you want to know more. My top tip for people with this fear, slowly break the habit of weighing yourself and your food, especially if you already have a healthy diet.

V x

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  1. Kelly
    January 17, 2017 / 9:06 pm

    Favourite article so far ?? It’s very passionate

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