Reflex Nutrition Protein Coffee review

Sounds grim? Think and think again. I had my doubts for sure. I’m a huge lover of iced coffee and frappes so i had my expectations and standards set pretty high i must say. But i’ve seen protein coffee all over instagram and twitter recently so it’s been something i’ve wanted to try for quite a while. It intrigued me. I love a morning coffee, i don’t have it very often so when i do i can really feel the caffeine!! But i found my can of Reflex Nutrition Protein Coffee in Holland and Barrett’s whilst buying my trusty Grenade bars, which if you haven’t tried yet…what on earth are you waiting for, they will change your life! I thought the can would be a convenient way to have a cold coffee and get some protein in whilst i’m not home all day.

Was i disappointed? HELL NO! I don’t quite know what to say. It was delicious. The texture was smooth, the taste was creamy and the macros, well, they were just phenomenal:

146 Calories

0.2g Fat

10g Carbs (all of which are sugar)

25g Protein

I genuinely don’t have a bad word to say, except the can was too small and i just wanted more! It’s 100% something i would get again, or something i would try and make at home, i might have a look into it, or if you guys have any recipe recommendations for me to make your own iced protein coffee, hook me up! The individual can was £2.49 which is a little pricey but if you buy them in bulk on you can get 24 cans for £39.99 which works out as £1.66 per can, which is a little more up my street!

I know there are a few other brands which do protein coffee just like the one i tried, so i might give them a go but i know the Reflex Nutrition protein coffee tastes oh so good! Think this is something i may get addicted to! It’s just so easy to drink and is the perfect on the go coffee to slip in your bag on a busy day when you’re lacking energy…and its 25g of protein!! 25g! I mean i think thats amazing considering some bars are only 20g! It’s a win win situation in my eyes.

Let me know if there are any recipes you guys know for protein iced coffee which i can make at home, or if you have any other brand recommendations which you think i should try comment below!

V x

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